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Truth in advertising: 7 OKC Landmarks

10:00 AM EST on December 4, 2012

Oklahoma City has some interesting and iconic landmarks, but none of them are marketed very well. Since I've always dreamed of being a copywriter for a big advertising agency, I thought I'd list of few places and landmarks I like and come up with cool marketing slogans for them. If there are any graphic designers out there with skills, can you touch them up for me?

Here we go:

Clara Luper Monument:

Listen, I know it's a terrible picture. If you want a better one, check out Google Maps.


The Gold Dome:

A space titty...


The Corporate Buffalo Herd in Bricktown:

And now we build replicas of them and sell them to business owners!


The Trail of Tears statue at Western Heritage Musuem:

Yeah, I guess the white people did kinda screw them...


Oklahoma State Capitol:

And the Bible is our constitution. The Christian Bible... not one of those other bibles that leads you to hell.


Science Museum OKC:


Sky Dancer Bridge:

This is most likely my generation's Gold Dome...


This post was a lot of fun for me. I enjoy being cynical about great things. I know I missed some great landmarks. What icons of OKC would you have listed, and what does it say about our city?

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