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Emily Sutton was a weather vane for Halloween

Attractive girls are everywhere — especially on TV — but the one thing that separates Emily Sutton from the pack is that she can be cute and nerdy. It's a rare, deadly and downright adorable combination to have and it's a big reason why Emily is so popular. If you need proof of this, check out her Halloween costume. It won second place in a local contest:

Shux, isn't that adorable. Most girls dress up as slutty nurses or sexy luffas for Halloween, but Emily Sutton was a weather instrument. She's so cute and clever. Plus, it's also a whole lot better than what she did for a recent karaoke contest at Baker's Street.

Yes, Emily Sutton competed in a karaoke contest at Baker's Street under the pseudonym "Stormy." If you ever register for a competition and have to use the same stage name as an employee at either Night Trips or Fantastic Sam's, it's probably a mistake.

Seriously, this is not a good sign. Emily, stay away from the douche bags! Do not go into the light! I know Channel 9 hired Lacey Swope and everything, but you got the market cornered on the whole smart, cute, awesome, girl-next-door persona. Please don't ruin it with the club look. Stay true to your roots and don't alienate your base. Plus, Josh Sallee and Dante Jordan will only hang out with you after 11:00pm. Well, Dante will probably hang out with you anytime, but still, nothing good happens after 11:00.

Anyway, this was about the only decent Halloween costume anyone sent us this year. Unless you consider Jessica Schambach taking her kid trick or treating to be a costume. I think we should count it, but I'll let you be the judge.

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