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Bob Moore Chopper 4 is going to the helicopter hospital (photos)

This is kind of a funny story.

On Saturday, a roofer stopped by my house to inspect damage from the May 29th hail storm. While he was on my roof checking for dents and dings, I stood in the driveway and we talked about hail size and storm damage.

During the middle of our conversation, the roofer looked off to the east behind my house and quickly froze. He then turned around, chuckled and raced towards the ladder. Once he climbed down, he looked directly at me, wiped sweat off his brow and said "Your roof is totaled...and I just saw something I didn't want to see." That thing he "didn't want to see" were my two gay neighbors shaving each other while standing in their backyard.

Anyway, that same hail storm that totaled my roof, my neighbor's roof and my roofer's psyche also knocked Bob Moore Chopper 4 out of commission. As we reported last week, the news helicopter was pummeled with hail on May 29th because KFOR employees parked their cars in the chopper's hanger, preventing it from taking cover when it returned to the station to refuel.

We were emailed a couple of pictures over the weekend of the Bob Moore Chopper 4 being sent away for repairs. Here they are.

I don't know about you, but this is just depressing. Bob Moore Chopper 4 should be bravely coasting through the Oklahoma air attacking hook echos and wall clouds. It shouldn't look all vulnerable and weak like a broken dream or gay man shaving another gay man. That's something nobody wants to see.

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