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Dear God, Tom Coburn is actually making sense!

10:15 AM EDT on May 3, 2012

Tom Coburn has always been the least crazy of our two well-known US Senators. Granted,  that's kind of like being the least creepy Mathis Brother, but it should count for something.

Anyway, Senator Coburn appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and would you believe it, he didn't say anything embarrassing. Here's a clip:

Did I just wake up from some bizarre dream, or did Tom Coburn actually make some sense on national TV? He steered clear of any major right-wing talking points and actually came across as a reasonable, honest man searching for a middle ground on issues like spending cuts and tax reform. He sounded like John McCain before he ran for president.

Then again, they didn't really talk about social issues. Coburn wasn't put in the position to say stupid things about healthcare reform, gay marriage or abortion. The John Ensign thing wasn't brought up, either. Plus, it kind of seemed like Jon Stewart coached him along throughout the interview.

Regardless, maybe we need to be a little nicer to Mr. Coburn. I'd never vote for him or anything like that, but things could be worse. We could have two Jim Inhofes. Now that would be scary.

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