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Your Ogle Madness V Champion is Emily Sutton!

Last March we unveiled a field of 68 Oklahoma celebrities, people, places and things that were all vying for the crown of Ogle Madness V Champion. 67 match-ups later and a champion has been determined. Her name is Emily Sutton. Here's the final bracket. The Ogle Madness V "One Shining Moment" tribute video is after the jump:

Ok, that's last year's video. Those "One Shining Moment" videos take me way too long to make, and they really don't get a lot of views so I'm not going to waste my time making one, but...

Congrats to Emily Sutton!

She absolutely dominated Ogle Madness V just like she dominated Channel's 9 and 5 during the last major severe weather outbreak. I guess this proves that Oklahomans like cute girls who know a lot about hook echos, dry lines and whatever this isI wonder how we'll view this championship in five years? Will it seem dated and odd like Lauren Richardson's first title, or will it seem normal like KD and Chenoweth's past performances. I guess time will tell.

Also, congrats to Matthew Fowler for being one of only four people who picked the up-and-coming 3-seed from the Midwest Region to win the Ogle Madness V championship. We put his name in the hat along with the three other Ogle Moles and his name was drawn. That means he's won a $250 feast for him and his friends (or family) to Deep Fork Grill! Let me repeat that, he just won a $250 feast for him and his friends (or family) to Deep Fork Grill! That's awesome. If he doesn't get the Duck Confit Ravioli as an appetizer and either the Steak Au Poivre or Salmon as an entrée, you can punch him!

Anyway, we'd like to thank Deep Fork Grill for sponsoring this year's contest and thank everyone who voted in Ogle Madness V. We had over 41,000 total votes, which is way too many for an obscure local blog. Thanks for reading and participating. Also, thanks goes out to Joel Decker for being your tournament emcee. We couldn't have done it without him...actually, we could, but thanks anyway.

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