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Ogle Madness V: First Four

11:00 AM EST on March 8, 2012

Before Ogle Madness [view bracket] officially tips-off next week, we have to determine the final four entries into the field. Before we get to that, let me say one thing.

Got to Hell, NCAA. Things like Ogle Madness were pretty simple when you had a 64-team basketball tournament. I was kind of okay with the first play-in game, but inviting 68 teams to the Big Dance is tupid. It dilutes the field and makes knock-off tournaments like ours even more complicated to run. Leave the NCAA tournament alone. Stop messing with it and instead give us a college football playoff.

Anyway, here are the four play-in games...or first four...or whatever it's called. Also, don't forget to email your pick to win Ogle Madness to If you choose correctly, you can possibly win a $250 feast to Deep Fork Grill .

Game 1: (16) Mike Morgan’s Bedazzled Weather Tie vs. (16) Val’s Gentner
Game 2: (16) Diffee Kids vs (16) Express Credit Auto Guy
Game 3: (15) Wedding Couple vs. (15) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers
Game 4: (14) Toby Keith vs. (14) Jack McBride

Read about them and vote after the jump:

(16) Mike Morgan’s Bedazzled Weather Tie vs. (16) Val’s Gentner


(16) Mike Morgan’s Bedazzled Weather Tie:

Conference: Severe Signature Clothing Items

What is: The red bedazzled tie that KFOR's Mike Morgan wears during high-risk severe weather outbreaks

Biggest Strength: The ability to hypnotize people into taking tornado precautions

Biggest Weakness: Blinds small children


(16) Val’s Gentner:

Conference: Lord England's Minions

What it is: The burning bush of Oklahoma weather icons

Biggest Strength: The ability to inform Lord England of impending doom

Biggest Weakness: There's only one



(16) Diffee Kids vs (16) Express Credit Auto Guy


(16) Diffee Kids:

Conference: Annoying Adolescent Pitchkids

Who they are: The pitchkids for the Diffee Auto family

Biggest Strength: Making grandmothers smile

Biggest Weakness: Making you want to buy a car


About (16) Express Credit Auto Guy:

Conference: Used Car Salesmen

Who he is: The calm, cool and collected guy who sells used cars to poor people with shitty credit

Biggest Strength: Buying advertising on local television stations

Biggest Weakness: Appearing sincere and trustworthy



(15) Wedding Couple vs. (15) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers


About (15) Wedding Couple

Conference: Sponsored Weddings and Engagements

Who they are: The couple who decided to have a very public and cheesy engagement and wedding on

Biggest Strength: Getting family and friends to post comments on our site

Biggest Weakness:  Making you not want to throw up in your mouth


About (15) OKC Chamber Commercial Singers

Conference: Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Cronies

Who they are: The singing duo from the cheesy "Where We've Been (Where We Are Going)" chamber commercial

Biggest Strength: Looking, acting and singing like white people who go to

Biggest Weakness: Choosing gigs



(14) Toby Keith vs. (14) Jack McBride

Editor's Note: These two guys virtually tied for the title of "Biggest Douche Bag" in last summer's "Worst of OKC." I guess whoever wins this will be the winner...or loser...or whatever.

(14) Toby Keith

Conference: Gay Cowboys

Who he is: God, Guns, and OU football lovin' country music superstar, actor and restaurateur

Biggest Strength: Singing songs about red cups

Biggest Weakness: Everything else


(14) Jack McBride

Conference: Douche Bag Syndicate of Oklahoma City

Who he is: Publisher of So6ix magazine

Biggest Strength: Making me feel douchey for even typing the word So6ix

Biggest Weakness: Publishing a quality magazine



Thanks for participating. Voting ends on Friday at midnight.

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