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Merry Weird Monday After Christmas

Since today is that weird Monday after Christmas that feels like a Sunday, and with most offices around the state being closed, we’re going to take things easy this cold dreary day.  At around 10:00am, Clark will post his Thunder season preview, and unless the Oklahoman is sold again or Milk on Milk releases another music video, we’ll probably be done for the day.

If that makes you sad, consider a couple of things:

• Clark Matthews will literally cry if you do not read the column. Plus, I snuck in some ASCII art of fictional nude Thunder Girls.

• At least we posted that photo of Joleen Chaney, Emily Sutton and a wood elf dressed in red at the KFOR home office. There's a different one after the jump.

Anyway, we’ll be back in full force tomorrow. Spencer will share his New Year resolutions and I’ll begin to review some of our top posts from this past year. We’ll also begin to countdown our Top 20 Oklahoma News Stories of 2011. We’ll do our best to make things nostalgic and sad.

Check it all out this week on TLO!!!!

p.s. – Isn’t that teaser kind of funny. I feel like I should be writing scripts for Channel 4. Also, do you like how I played up that today will be slow? As if Monday’s are usually a hub of bustling activity at TLO headquarters. I think the last time we had more than two posts on a Monday was when Lauren Richardson was rolling on logs. Or a couple of weeks ago. I can’t remember.

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