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Emily Sutton is a bit too happy in this video

Just about every Ogle Mole in TV news tells me about how terrible of an industry it is. They complain about the long hours, low pay and having to laugh at Paul Folger’s Polish Jew jokes. They fail to mention, though, that apparently you get to drink hard whiskey and nibble on magic brownies in the employee break room.

The reason I bring all that up is that we received a bunch of emails, tweets and messages over the past few days notifying us that KFOR weather goddess Emily Sutton recently posted a weird video on her Facebook Wall.

The video, which appears to be from Emily’s early weather nerd days at KFOR, shows the meteorologist performing some weird Tornado dance thing. Dave Chapelle and your hippie neighbor who smells like incense would be very proud:

Yeah, apparently we can't embed the video on the site. Instead of rewriting and organizing this post, here's the link to watch it. If you're too lazy to do that, just watch this video from the Onion instead:

Anyway, when did the KFOR weather studio turn into an opium den? Think about it. You have Mike Morgan wearing psychedelic weather ties, David Payne recklessly driving into tornados and Emily Sutton auditioning for a Cheech and Chong musical. Pretty soon they’re going to replace Doppler radar with a lava lamp and let a Magic 8-Ball give the seven-day forecast.

That video is just bizarre. I can’t tell if Emily’s really stoned and feeling good or just kind of stoned and doing an impersonation of the Special Ed kid from Crank Yankers. Dean Blevins’ is probably calling her right now to find out who her “hook up” is…and to see if she’s free next Friday.

I have no clue why Emily decided to post that video or why school kids need to learn scary songs about how tornadoes are created, but I do know this: Emily Sutton has changed, and changed in a good way. Her nickname should be Kafka. I bet Joleen Chaney starts selling “friendship” packages to people who need motivation to get in shape after the holidays.

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