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Worst of OKC: Tweetbag

7:00 AM EDT on September 9, 2011

When I came up with idea for this category, I wasn't quite sure what to name it. My first thoughts were either "Worst Chronic Twitter User" or "Worst Social Media Evangelist/Guru." Since those categories are a little bit different, I just used the term "Tweetbag." Here's a breakdown of the two types:

The Chronic Twitter User spends their entire day clogging your timeline with incessant tweets about their life. Worst of all, they actually think you care. You know these people. They think they are funnier than they actually are, crave attention, and like to tweet about what Pandora song is playing, what food they are having for lunch, and if they are the Mayor of Coffee Slingers or Republic.

The Social Media Evangelist/Guru has many of the same traits as a tweetbag. The main difference is that they usually work in marketing or PR and brand themselves as social media "experts."  They then spend their day pitching social media consulting services, linking to articles about tech trends, and figuring out how to accumulate more followers. You can spot these people pretty easily. They will usually send you an auto-generated DM if you follow them and are one of the seven people in the world who actually use Google +.

Coming up with a list of five tweetbags was kind of difficult. For one, quite a few tweetbags and borderline tweetbags are Ogle Moles. The last thing we want to do is piss off the Ogle Mole Network.

Two, you could probably make the argument that we should be one of the nominees. Hell, we were named "Best Social Media Fanatic" in the Gazette's 2010 Best of OKC. That being said, we don't really tweet that much. Plus,this is our site. Why in the world would we nominate ourselves?  Only a tweetbag would do something like that.

Anyway, here are the nominees along with their tweetbag moment:

Patrick Allmond

Twitter Account: @PatrickAllmond
Following: 14,844
Tweetbag Moment: Whenever you have a license plate that says "Twitter," every day of your life is a tweetbag moment.
Yeah, but: At least his name is Patrick.


Kevin Durant

Twitter Account: @KDTrey5
Following: 1,250
Tweetbag Moment: Well, he did green light that whole KD's neighbor thing. He also @-replied my little brother one time.
Yeah, but: Once again, this is kind of an experiment to see if our "KD wins every poll he's eligible for" thesis is correct.


Dan Gordon

Twitter Account: @DanGordon
Following: 2,031
Tweetbag Moment: He actually created a new twitter account called "DJ Dan Gordon."
Yeah, but: Samuel Gordon Jewelers sponsored our Snuggie Pub Crawl the last two years.


Mike Koehler

Twitter Account: @MKokc
Followers: 3,213
Tweetbag Moment: The guy did name his company after an Emoticon.
Yeah, but: George Lucas did threaten to sue him. Not everyone can say that.


Jessica Merrell

Twitter Account: @Blogging4Jobs
Followers: 68,000
Tweetbag Moment: There are plenty to name, but it's probably when she self published her own Social Media book.
Yeah, but: When I was 22, I dated her hot 18-year old cousin.


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