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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Jeff George

These were the first words ever published on this website:

Is it just me, or does the FOX 25 weather crew look more like a bunch of Bob Howard car salesmen rather than a group of Oklahoma City weathermen? Instead of talking about the jet stream, hook echoes and the dry line, I picture them sitting around some $0.80-cent draws at Henry Hudson's blabbering about the hot chick who bought the beat up Accord, what they plan to do with their "future", and of course, the "good old days."

The guy who heads up that group of "Bob Howard salesmen" is Jeff George.  Personally, when I think of Jeff George, the first thing that comes to mind is the guy with the awesome mullet and perfectly coiffed mustache throwing laser beam spirals to Randy Moss during the 1999 NFL season.  For some reason, they leave that information off of his KOKH bio.

Nowadays, Jeff George is the chief metorologist of FOX25, according to his bio, he assigns himself to work the morning shift next to Angie Mock instead of the primetime shift next to Jamie Cerreta.  Patrick cannot understand how a man with those options would rather get up at 0-dark-thirty than chance being around at the 10:00pm wrap after Jamie has a bad day and wants to head to Henry Hudson's to blow off some steam.  There is a lot more to Patrick's fantasy, but it is NSFW.

Anyway, George deserves points for being the least likely meteorologist to cut into programming to give up-to-the-minute updates on potential sprinkling in Slapout.  On the other hand, since the programming is usually American Idol, the American Idol review, the American Idol results show, or the the American Idol results show review, he probably should interrupt that crap.  Instead, he spends that free time practicing to usurp Scott "J'Ordy" Hines as the local media dancing champ.

After the jump, let us know if you approve or disapprove of Jeff George and/or his dance moves.

(Last week, KOCO morning anchor Mat Garcia received only a 47% approval rating.  Oddly, 53% of the votes came from the server "".

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