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Some dumb writer named OKC the 5th Worst Place to Live…

Let's admit it.  We're all suckers for lists and rankings.  They are easy to read, easy to write and easy to debate.   That's exactly why we write so damn many of them (example a, b, and c).

That being said, lists "”and especially rankings "”are easy to get wrong.   That's not a very big deal if the list is published on an obscure local social blog that's going more for a cheap laugh than the accuracy of its content.  But if the list is published on a financial website that's part of AOL, you'd think they'd take it a bit more serious and not do something stupid like name Oklahoma City the "5th Worst Place to Live" in the United States.

Well, that's exactly what some unemployed/underemployed freelance journalist Aaron Crowe did.  From the AOL website Wallet Pop.

5. Oklahoma City, Okla.

Population: 560,332

Oklahoma City is the unhealthiest city in the country, as measured by the American College of Sports Medicine's annual fitness index. The index looks at 30 fitness indicators, including obesity and exercise rates, death rate from cardiovascular disease, acres of park land, number of primary care physicians per capita and percentage of residents who bicycle or walk to work.

The index compares the 50 largest metro areas on a 100-point scale; Oklahoma City received a score of 24.3, making it the most sluggish city in the U.S. The obesity rate is 30.2%, four points above average. It has an exercise rate of 71% and has half as many baseball diamonds, recreation centers and dog parks as most cities. Detroit and Las Vegas also performed poorly on the fitness index.

Yep, some freelance journalist "” here's his website "” who looks and talks like he could play a serial killer on Dexter, ranked Oklahoma City as the fifth worst place to live in the United States.  And why is our town such a bad place to live?  Because we don't like to exercise, we're overweight and we don't have a lot of parks.

Well, Mr. Uniformed Journalist whose career highlight is being the assistant metro editor for the Contra Costa Times, let me fill you in on something.  We're kind of aware of those dreaded things you listed.  We know we're fat, lazy and unhealthy, so we did this.  We also know that we don't have enough parks and recreation centers, so we passed this.   And we think playing baseball is boring, so screw the "baseball diamonds."

Basically, Mr. Creepy Looking Journalist dude, we've identified our city's faults and are addressing them.  That's one reason why Oklahoma City is a great place to live.  We're improving, growing and getting better.  We also have strong economy, no traffic and a lot of good restaurants.  In fact, considering that you're a portly job hunting fellow who drives a shitty car, I think you might actually benefit from living in what you labeled the 5th Worst Place to Live.

Anyway, since that little rant is now out of the way, let me at least say that I'm happy Aaron Crow didn't throw out cheap hillbilly stereotypes like this guy.  And at least he didn't make it seem like we live in the "Day After Tomorrow"  like this European douchebag. I guess those are positive things.

Also, if you want to email Aaron Crowe and let him know what you think about his list, he can be reached at  Or you can just call him at 925.482.5934.  Have fun.

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