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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Mrs. Matthews

For Mother's Day, I wanted to honor the hottest MILF I know.  Nothing says "thank you for being the mother of my children" than adding her to a list of women we chauvinistically objectify, right?

Of all the women we mention this month, Mrs. Matthews is definitely the most deserving.  Not only is she so far out of my league that I feel like Jim Traber must have felt when the Orioles mistakenly invited him to training camp, but few women could put up with an obscure local blogger who bounces his long winded rants off of her before putting them into written form.  Yet, somehow, she convinces me that she enjoys being my muse and sounding board.  It makes me glad that I continued to ask her out after she shot me down the first ten times in college.

Anyway, happy Mother's Day to the only woman with whom I've ever wanted to raise children...and also, to any mother who happens across our site today.

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