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Politics in the Classroom

On September 8th, President Barack Obama is planning to make an address directly to the students of the United States of America.  If Sally Kern has her way, he will not be addressing students in this state.

In a press release she put out this afternoon, Kern suggests that it would be improper to inject politics (as opposed to religion) into the classroom.  "Our school children should not be exploited this way for partisan purposes."  In response, she asks that we contact our "local school principal, superintendent and school board members and state (our) disapproval."

She really got me thinking, and you know what I found out?  A program like this is already going on in this state!  It's called the "Legislative Back to School Program" and it facilitates Oklahoma legislators going into classrooms to speak directly to the children.  From the program's brochure:


This basically describes the same objective of the Obama-led discussion, so we need to do everything we can to stop this also.  That means you should direct all your attention to the state's coordinator for the program:


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