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Well, it looks better than “Twister”

12:10 AM EST on November 19, 2008

Apparently there's a new film coming out soon that's to be set in Oklahoma. It is called "Leaves of Grass" and it stars Edward Norton. From what I can tell, it has nothing to do with tornadoes, Wal-Mart pregnancies or a slutty middle aged cop who is followed around by a drunk angel. It's about something that's better than all three of those things* combined...Marijuana!

From MTV via OkieDoke:

"'Leaves of Grass' is about an Ivy League classics professor who is lured home to Oklahoma by his eccentric, pot-growing brother to involve him in a scheme to help save the pot-grower's life," explained Nelson, who wrote, directed and appears in the film, which recently wrapped principal photography.

"Edward Norton plays identical twins, and the movie pits two philosophies against one another, as depicted by the same actor. One is a rationalist, and one is a hedonist. And the movie explores those two approaches on how to live a life."

Hmmn. Isn't it odd that we really haven't heard a thing about this? Usually, whenever a film mentions Oklahoma we have a parade, adopt the actors as our own and brag about how we're becoming a big league state or city. The silence surrounding this film makes me wonder if "Leaves of Grass" will be the first ever movie to be set in Oklahoma to be banned in Oklahoma. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Sally Kern is drafting legislation right now to stop the film from being released. If the bill doesn't pass, I bet that she, Glenn Coffee and a group of Republican bandits will secretly steal all the "Leaves of Grass" reels and replace them with "Oklahoma Passage." Mark it down, it will happen.

Anyway, I hope this will be a good film. Granted, I'm always worried that whenever a film is set in our state that it will embellish the typical Oklahoma stereotype. You know, the stereotype that we all dress in overalls, ride horses and walk around with wheat sticking out of our mouths. But since this is set in Southeastern Oklahoma, I guess that stereotype is pretty much true, so I really don't have anything to worry about. Seriously, the only thing to do in Southeastern Oklahoma is to grow pot, watch leaves change colors and hunt big foot...which technically isn't too bad of a life.

* per Clark Matthews

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