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Bill Kumpe is angry…

I guess I better remove Bill Kumpe from my Gary England Day card mailing list. From the obscure Bill Kumpe Blog (via

After seeing my blog listed on the same page as a homosexual marriage announcement and a blasphemous parody of the birth of Jesus Christ, I decided that BNN, despite many fine and respected bloggers who do participate there, is nevertheless an enterprise that I do not care to be publicly associated with.

For those that don't know, BNN is a website that basically provides RSS-style feeds to blogs around the country and sorts them by state. It then tries to rank these state blogs by importance and influence and other silly factors. To give you an idea of its accuracy, it ranks us as an "influential political blog," even though we are not a political blog.

Because BNN would not remove his blog from their list, Kumpe has decided to "kind of" quit blogging. From a post earlier this morning:

There is a Gresham's law of sorts in all public and private relationships. Just as bad money drives good money from the market, bad bloggers can drive good bloggers from the marketplace of ideas. There are situations that people with responsibilities simply cannot tolerate.

Commencing with this post, I will no longer add new content to The Bill Kumpe Blog. I will continue blogging on a private blog. Access will be restricted to 100 selected readers of my choice. Those of you from BNN who are regular readers can contact me at for further information about access. Based upon my daily hit rate there will not be enough subscriptions to go around. Priorities will go first to my clients and allied attorneys, second to other scholars and researchers with whom I maintain a regular correspondent relationship and third to fellow bloggers of my choice.

Ha! Can't you just see some scholar at a big library accidentally spilling coffee all over his hieroglyphics translations once he gets Kumpe's "accepted" email in his Hotmail account. Do you think that Mike McCarville is secretly hoping "allied attorneys" fail to send in a request so he can get higher priority on the waiting list?

Since I never read the regular Kumpe blog, I doubt I'll request access to his private one. Hell, I didn't even know who Bill Kumpe was before today. If you had asked me yesterday to name his occupation, my wild guesses would either have been a porn star or tax accountant. I would have never guessed he was a boring, bitter lawyer from Tulsa with no sense of humor. I also would have never guessed that he wrote the state's "top conservative" blog.

Anyway, if I was Bill Kumpe, I would chill out. I'd drink some wine, listen to some good music and maybe even try to get laid. I'd even say a little prayer to Gary England to help me out.

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