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More on the Drunk Clown ad from Craigslist…

8:29 PM EDT on September 10, 2008

So, some "obscure local social blog" named Cheeseburger Supreme decided to inquire with the poster of the local drunk clown ad (see the earlier post) on Craigs List. Here was the reply Cheesburger received after inquiring for details:

We may start up north on Memorial, but we would most likely cover western and maybe even wormy dog or tapwerks. Western mainly.

The group of people will consist mainly of lawyers. I'm one, most of my friends (26 - 31ish) are too and probably some bankers. Professional people.

This is not the type of deal where we want to beat a clown... I appreciate your concern. I assure you we have too much to lose for a silly clown beating. We will beat your liver instead.

The idea would be at the end fo the night I would give you your $50 and you can cab it wherever you need to go... remember you will be (damn well better be) tanked more than us.

I'll tell you what, this kind of seems like a cool job to apply for, but once you figure out that the "idea" was originally posted on the Chicago CraigsList a week or so ago and that you'll have to drink Lunch Boxes at Edna's with a bunch of 26 to 31ish year old lawyers (and bankers) who hate capitalization, it kind of loses it's luster. Hell, they're not even nice enough to take you home. They're just going to make some cabbie's night and throw you in the back of some taxi alone, drunk and dressed like a clown. That's not cool, is it?

Anyway "“ all that being said "“ let me say that for just $49 I will wear normal clothes, get drunk with these people, and bring along our old pal Cardboard Jim Traber. Cardboard Jim is much better than any yardbird clown. He can talk sports, politics and philosophy. Name a drunk clown that can do that. Also, they won't even have to worry about me getting a cab, because I'll just go home with some drunk girl from their group have Clark Matthews or Sarah pick me up.

Seems like a pretty good deal, huh?

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