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The Oklahoma City Zoo is angry…

The video above is of some idiot trying to play with a Jaguar from the Oklahoma City Zoo. A tidbit about it from

Oklahoma City Zoo officials are seeking legal advice after a video was posted online of an unidentified man who entered a pen to taunt a jaguar.

Officials say they are worried others, especially children, will try to mimic the video.

E-mails from KOCO to the poster of the video have not been answered.

Hopefully, the legal advice the Zoo officials are seeking is if we can hunt down the guy and throw him in the Jaguar cage. If you think that's a harsh punishment, just watch this other video he has posted of his family getting drunk and shooting roman candles at dogs on the 4th of July. Classy.

Anyway, we need to hunt this guy down and send him to the white trash museum in Jones. First person to help us find his MySpace page gets a free poetry lesson from Clark Matthews.

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