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We are about to have a new Miss Oklahoma…

Well, it looks like the Miss Oklahoma Pageant kicks off today. Okiedoke wrote a post about it a few days ago. Here is who they like:

After a thorough evaluation of the 2008 delegates for Miss Oklahoma my bet is on Miss Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Ashlynn Frey. She's not only smart, popular, and good-looking enough for a Miss America"¦Miss Frey also retains some of that Okie charm that appeals to nerds and geeks alike.

That's neat, I guess. But what whoever-writes-OkieDoke didn't add, is that according to her MySpace page, Ashlynn is really really into teaching drivers education and drawing strange diagrams on the chalkboard. She also only has two MySpace friends. What a loser. How could any potential Miss Oklahoma only have two MySpace friends.

Here at The Lost Ogle, we decided to perform a diligent, thorough review of all the contestants from this GeoCities page (GeoCities? Are we in 1999?), and we are going to endorse Natasha Alikhani, Miss Bricktown, for Miss Oklahoma 2008. That's her in tiny picture below:

Imagine that!  It looks like Miss Bricktown likes to party.  Hell, I bet that's her only talent.  She'll probably just get drunk at pageant, wear a tiny black dress, dance with one of Bosley's friends and then throw up in the Bricktown Parking Garage while looking for her Nissan Altima.  She'll also probably leave her debit card at CityWalk.

Anyway, good luck to Natasha.  If she wins, she'll owe it all to us!

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