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Do You Recognize This Man, Part II

10:44 PM EST on February 4, 2008

Boy, the internet sure is a crazy place. Message board rumors are now rumbling that this guy is former Oklahoma quarterback Brent Rawls and that he has made it to Hollywood on (Tony's favorite show) American Idol!

Actually, I don't think that's Brent Rawls, but I wish it was. That would be awesome! In fact everything above was just a blatant lie to point out that the guy who we thought was possibly Moe Dampeer probably isn't Moe Dampeer. It's called sarcasm. Get it?

And the reason for this sarcasm is that Ryan from (when he's not writing great reviews about great local bands like Anchors for Arsenal) shared with us this MySpace page. On that private MySpace page you can find this picture:

And when you compare that picture to this one, I think we can be assured that Mo Dampeer didn't drop 150 pounds.

Anyway, all these different pictures still don't let us know if Mo made it to Hollywood. We did send him a MySpace message, but he never replied. Hopefully that means he didn't make it, because I'm sick and tired of writing about Mo Dampeer, and if he wins American Idol, I'm sure we'll have to write about him a whole lot more.

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