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Hmmn…this looks familiar.

From a blog post found at the place that calls itself Oklahoma's Website:

Post Date:Friday, Feb 1st, 2008 at 10:10 am


We're checking on the rumor that this guy is former Oklahoma defensive lineman Moe Dampeer and that he has made it through to Hollywood on American Idol.

Supposedly Moe has lost 150 pounds and turned his eyes to singing.

Funny, we always thought of Moe as more of a dancer.More to come"¦

Well, sure is comforting to know that the same guys who told us Bob Stoops was a boilermaker are now checking on a rumor that a skinny Moe Dampeer is on American Idol. It's also comforting to know that a big, powerful, professional money making website like basically regurgitated information from a not-for-profit blog and then passed it off as their own. Seriously, it's like the only differences between the two posts (see below) is that ours was posted 8 hours earlier, we figured out how to embed a YouTube Clip, and we probably have more readers.

I think that if really wants to get big into this blogging thing, its writers should practice normal blog etiquette. For example, they should link to or cite the other blogs that provide them with their information. Doesn't that seem like a better thing to do than rewriting the same story and then passing it off as your own? Just click the links below for some classic good examples:

Anyway, I hope this maybe opens some eyes and helps change the ways of NewsOK. If they are going to claim to be "Oklahoma's Website," at least they can set a good example.

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