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It’s Official: OKC Radio Still Sucks

So, the weird little robot countdown on WKY has ended. And the result? More sports talk! Yipee! If you couldn't get your fix from the Sports Animal, KREF or whatever the hell 1340 is called, we now have 930am "The Jock" to satisfy your sports cravings. Want to hear Pat Jones stutter? Turn to The Jock. Want to hear Billy Tubbs talk about Waymon Tisdale? Turn to The Jock. Want to hear commercials? Turn to the Sports Animal!

Seriously, the last thing the Oklahoma City radio market needs is another sports talk station. What we really need is something like "The Spy" to return. With XM or Yahoo Music I can listen to all the Indie music I want, but only with radio support and promotion will good bands come to Oklahoma City.

For example, just last night I went to The Stills concert at The Conservatory. The Stills are a pretty mainstream indie act, and have had videos featured on MTV, etc. There were literally 100 people there to watch them play. Why so few? Probably because most people who have heard of The Stills didn't know that they were playing, or, people who would enjoy their sound haven't heard of them because they are force fed Linkin Park, Hinder and Metallica all day along.

Anyway, with crowds of 100 showing up to see mainstream indie acts play, I can see why most of them bypass Oklahoma City for Dallas or even Tulsa. Until we get a decent station to play their music and promote their tours, they won't be coming. But at least when they drive through town, they'll have plenty of local sports talk to choose from. That's something to be proud about...right?

UPDATE: Per today's Oklahoman, the name of the new station is Jox 930.

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