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Ryan Walters now spreading “Litter Box in School” hoax

He made the comments during a meeting with right-wing Stillwater voters.

November 2, 2022

Lost Ogle Show: Jena Nelson, Democratic Nominee for State School Superintendent

We then talked about important topics (like the issues facing public school students) and not-so-important topics (like her opponent’s obsession with where teens use the bathroom).

October 27, 2022

Steve Bannon rumored to be guest of honor at OK County GOP dinner…

The theme for the right-wing affair is apparently “Keepers of the Flame of Freedom.”

October 25, 2022
Everything Else

Ryan Walters vows to send Oklahoma teachers to “patriotic education training.”

For a guy who’s opposed to indoctrination, Ryan Walters sure loves to indoctrinate!

October 24, 2022

Swadley’s Steals Show At Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate…

One of their catering vans was parked outside last night's Gubernatorial Debate venue.

October 20, 2022

Kevin Stitt desperately panders to marijuana users…

On the same day one of his key advisors and political appointees was charged with 13 felonies related to black market marijuana sales, Stitt set a special election date for SQ 820. Imagine That!

October 19, 2022