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Lost Ogle Show: Jena Nelson, Democratic Nominee for State School Superintendent

We then talked about important topics (like the issues facing public school students) and not-so-important topics (like her opponent’s obsession with where teens use the bathroom).

Fresh off her Tuesday night debate performance, we were honored and happy to welcome Jena Nelson to the streaming realm for an episode of The Lost Ogle Show presented by Grand Casino Hotel and Resort!

In case you don’t follow the local news, Jena is the Democrat running against famed local grifter, culture war flamer and SUV vlogger Ryan Walters in the highly publicized and tightly contested race for State Superintendent of Public Education.

To start the interview, Jena and I talked about her background and Oklahoma origin story, why she wants to be our public school superintendent, and how she was able to maintain her composure while debating against a lying, distorting, skinny-tie-wearing P.O.S. like Ryan Walters. 

We then talked about important topics like some of the issues facing public school students. We also talked about not-as-important but more clickable culture war topics like her opponent’s obsession with banning books and where teens use the bathroom.

Give it a listen!

I’d like to thank Jena for taking time out of her busy campaign schedule to talk to me, Randy “Mile High” Mitchell for being a great producer, and Grand Casino Hotel and Resort for being an incredible sponsor. 

You can download, stream and listen to The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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