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Mayor McSelfie finally releases a beer…

It took him long enough!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what David Holt’s head tastes like, here’s your chance. 

Seven years after we pioneered the concept locally, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt – a.k.a. Mayor McSelfie – has partnered with a local brewery to release a promotional beer that is sure to gain him some self-reassuring social media likes, fist bumps, and, most importantly, free advertising for his re-election ambitions. 

Meet “Holt My Beer” – an intoxicating double IPA crafted by the beer wizards at Stone Cloud Brewing.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate David Holt for finally getting around to making his own beer. It took him long enough, huh? I bet his conservative craft beer-loving cohort Stephanie Bice is jealous! I think some brewery made a beer in her honor a few years ago, but Holt's one has cans and everything. Good for him in finishing first in this cool-fest competition!

Second, let’s give StoneCloud and the mayor props for sending the proceeds from this hoppy batch of brew to the OKC Animal Shelter. Not only does it helps animals in need, but it makes condescending people like me look like jerks for making fun of the beer. Well played, McSelfie!

Actually, I don’t want to give the mayor too much grief. 

The kids at Stone Cloud make some good beers. Plus, as I mentioned, we worked with Anthem to brew and promote Ogletoberfest – a Vienna-style Oktoberfest that sold over 5,000 cases from 2015 - 2018 – so I have to admit, it’s fun to put on your suit and tennis shoes and go to the liquor store and buy your own beer off the shelf, even if it is self-promotional and a bit douchie. 

If I did complain about one thing, though, it would be the name… Holt My Beer?

Once again, I know that helps with the mayor’s overall brand awareness, which is the ultimate goal of this, but I would have gone with something more fun like Mic Drop Stout, Look At Me Pilsner, or "Just One Vote Out of Nine" Issue Dodger Pale Ale.  

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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