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Splintered Victory: Republican Women’s Club gives Ryan Walters cheap, wooden, hollow award

He wasn't the only notable Okahoma nut to take home the literal hardware.

Woke trophy culture is once again rearing its ugly head.

Earlier today, an Ogle Mole let me know that Ryan Walters – and various other Oklahoma GOP psychos – received something called a Guardian Award from the OKC Republican Women's Club.

Here’s a pic of Ryan holding the hardware that Crazy Carol Hefner shared on FB.

Two quick notes:

1. “We the People of Oklahoma” didn’t give Ryan shit, much less a hack award that’s engraved on a little shield glued to a slice of tree-trunk. I know lying and embellishing are part of the political game, but these conservative lady psychos do not represent all Oklahomans.

2. Pro Tip for all Republican Women’s Groups who give men awards – next time, save a little room in the budget for a proper trophy that doesn’t give people splinters.

As I mentioned, the photo was shared on Facebook by failed politician/amphitheater hustler Carol Hefner.

Here’s her caption for the photo:

Geeze. How much glue and/or Galimaro sauce did Carol sniff before hammering that sentence out? Has right-wing psychosis destroyed so much of her brain that she can no longer write in full sentences?

Ryan Walters wasn’t the only man to win an award from a political group that’s supposed to honor and promote women.

State Senator Shane Jett – an anti-public education zealot who’s drunk so much right-wing Kool-Aid that he tries to bust through brick walls – also won the award.

Check this out:

Wait. My bad. That’s actually a picture of Shane with "Dr." Lisa Christiansen. She’s a regular in OK GOP circles. Our older, more perverted reader base may better know her by her old porn alias – Janette Littledove.

Here’s the pic of Shane posing with his rustic hunk of metal and wood that I think was made in a middle school shop class:

Holy Imposter Syndrome, Batman!

Outside of handing out business cards that say he’s the president and CEO of a company that doesn’t have any employees, could this guy look like a bigger phony? Like, the dude seriously went on the Internet, ordered his own little official-looking Oklahoma vest, and had his name monogrammed on it. What a puffer!

Men weren’t the only people the OKC Republican Women's Club honored with an award.

The group also recognized a fellow crazy woman – Sherrie Conley:


I can definitely see the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority giving Sherri an award based on how quickly she sold them her home in the Newcastle area, but outside of going on long diatribes about books featuring grumpy unicorns that incorporate Star Wars motifs as evidence of a covert liberal attempt to indoctrinate children into the gay agenda, what has she done to deserve a Guardian award?

Who knows? Maybe Carol Hefner and the other OKC Lady Republicans loved how Sherrie uses the word “Klan?”

Anyway, I guess we should congratulate Ryan, Shane, and Sherrie for winning this conservative participation trophy.

Yes, I’m pretty sure the OKC Republican Women's Club gives this award to almost any conservative who says stupid, moronic things, but an award is an award even if it’s not worth the wood it’s glued on.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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