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Berry Tramel is selling out again…

Once a sellout, always a sellout. I guess. 

Just one week after the closure of the ill-fated, ill-advised, and very ill-logical, Berry “Boomer” Tramel announced today that he’s landed at a publication with an even more "faulty financial structure" than a sports website – the newspaper!

Specifically, he’s heading up north to The Tulsa World.

Yep, old Boomer is back in the rat-a-tat-tat world of the newspaper – a dying industry and medium that he bid a bon voyage to just nine months ago in The Oklahoman.

If you’re bored and like cold sports takes, you should reread the piece. It’s aged as well as the Sellout Crowd Embark bus that’s still rolling around town!

Yes, I know I used that same joke in the last piece about Sellout's demise, but a Mole sent me that pic this morning and it made me laugh so I used it again.

In other news, when are they going to take that thing off the road?! If I were Bob Stoops or Mike Koehler or Berry Tramel, I’d sneak out of the house and vandalize the bus with graffiti to force Embark to pull it off the streets!

If the graffiti reads "Bullfeathers!," we'll know who's behind it.

In all honesty, I’m actually happy that Berry’s back at a newspaper.

I always enjoyed reading his columns back in 1990s and 2000s – a time when people actually read newspaper columns – and he’s definitely an expert in his craft. His column where he compared former OU coach John Blake to a Taco Bell manager, and in the process, insulting all Taco Bell managers, should be put in a newspaper museum.

I guess it's a good and fitting career move for him to fade away with the industry that spawned him. It's like he's Captain Edward John Smith going down with the ship!

Although Berry has landed on his feet, Sellouts' other name-brand hire – Jenni Carlson – has still not announced anything about her next stop.

I imagine she also wants to return to the news industry so she can mentor young journalists on how to circle the wagons of controversy and misidentify and slander a man as a racist while drinking wine.

At the very least, maybe Dolese can hire her as a PR flack. Remember, she’s an expert on old concrete posts:

Anway, Jenni’s final destination is another article for another day. Until then, we’d like congratulate Berry for landing on his feet in a spot where he can slowly sink into journalism quicksand. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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