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McCurtain County officials scouting where to bury journalists in OKC….

Pile of dirt, shovel and a hole

Is it okay for me to come out of hiding yet?

Early this week, word came out that officials from McCurtain County – the remote southeastern Oklahoma outpost where the sheriff and county commissioners discuss where to bury journalists while reminiscing about the good old days when they had lynchings at Mud Creek – announced to the public they were having a public meeting 241 miles away in Oklahoma County. 

That’s weird. 

I can see Oklahoma County officials booking a large AIRBNB cabin and having a big open meeting in Broken Bow, but outside of scouting places near Lake Arcadia, Oak Tree, or the Purina factory to bury journalist bodies, why would the McCurtain County officials hold a meeting in Edmond? 

KFOR got in touch with country officials and got some clarification:

Ahhh, I see. They’re actually meeting in Oklahoma City. Even though we’re a Big League City now, I bet they can find plenty of good spots to bury journalists here, too. I’d suggest a place that people rarely visit, like the old Crossroads Mall, a marijuana dispensary, or the Taco Bueno near 63rd and May. 

Unfortunately for McCurtain County officials, it looks like their scouting expedition will have to be done on their own time. 

Attorney General Gentner Drummond – a rare conservative Oklahoma politician who occasionally shows common sense – let the McCurtain County officials know that holding an open meeting in a different county that’s four hours away would violate the law.

Via The Oklahoman:

McCurtain County's Board of County Commissioners planned to meet in Oklahoma City Friday — about 240 miles away from where it normally meets — as part of a mediation effort to settle a long-running lawsuit.

But the commission abruptly canceled that meeting late Wednesday, after being informed by the Oklahoma Attorney General's office it would violate Oklahoma's Open Meeting Act.

Well, I guess I was wrong for assuming county officials were only coming here to scout places to bury journalists. Apparently they were just looking for spots to dump lawyers, too! Big difference!

Anyway, whether it’s a lawyer or newsbreaker, I wish McCurtain County officials the best of luck in finding some pre-dug holes to bury people. When they get it all figured out, I simply request they publish a public notice letting me know so I can come out of hiding. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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