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Zumwalt’s reign as Tourism Secretary ends before it begins…

It appears Shelley Zumwalt isn’t much of a conqueror after all!

A week after State Auditor Cindy Byrd’s scathing audit report outlined some "Keep It In The Family" spending, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt did the right PR thing and withdrew the nomination of Zumwalt for Oklahoma Secretary of Tourism.

The move comes just three months after he claimed the ageist fashionista was “a compelling ambassador for Oklahoma.” 

Here’s the official document he sent to the senate:

Wow. Look at that! Is Kevin Stitt really holding one of his underlings accountable? There has to be a catch, right? 

Of course there is. 

Although “Stitt Withdrawals Zumwalt’s Nomination” makes for a good damage control headline to the casual new follower, the real implications are minimal, serving more as a spectacle of accountability rather than substantive change.

You see, the Secretary of Tourism post is a non-paying figurehead position. Shelley still gets to keep her $250,000+ plus gig as Executive Director of Travel and Tourism, where she can continue to do things like award her husband’s IT firm no-bid state contracts, purge frumpy old people from the books of state government, and eliminate their television shows.  

In a statement, she’s made it very clear she’s not leaving that job:

“Today I am withdrawing my Cabinet nomination from consideration with the Senate. The sole reason for this decision is to eliminate any distractions from my service to Oklahomans. While difficult, this decision will allow me to concentrate on my position as Executive Director of OTRD and to continue my service to our state as I have done for the past 12 years.

Yep. No need to send Shelley a sympathy card or box of donuts just yet. 

In fact, you should probably send her a case of Lost Lake and call for a party, because now she doesn’t have to take on the extra responsibilities of being a cabinet secretary, but still gets to direct deposit those government paychecks.

Well, at least until Gentner Drummond becomes Governor:

Anyway, Getner won't be Governor for a couple of years, so Zumwalt still has plenty of time to continue firing old people, brewing beers, and making sure her favorite friends and family secure no-bid government contracts. If you see or experience any of that, shoot us an email on the TLO Tip Line.

Until then, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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