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Oklahoma Man Discovers Four-Bullet Life Hack to Indefinitely Extend Caribbean Vacation…

Let’s give a big darn tootin’ TLO attaboy to Ryan Watson! 

The Oklahoma good ole boy has made national headlines after he used a few bullets and one big legal loophole to indefinitely extend a recent vacation to the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. 

Here are the details via The Daily Mail:

An American father is facing 12 years in prison in Turks and Caicos after ammunition was found in his luggage as he returned home from a vacation with his wife.

Ryan Watson, 40, has remained on the island for weeks following his arrest on April 11 alongside his wife Valerie, 38, who saw her charges dropped on Monday as she was allowed to return home to their two young children. 

The couple said they were passing through airport security when four rounds of hunting ammo was found in Ryan's carry-on, which they claim were left by accident.

Despite their insistence that the ammunition was accidentally left from a previous hunting trip, Turks and Caicos prosecutors maintained that the crime is a serious offense in the nation.

Yep, that’s right. He “accidentally” forgot he had ammo in his carry-on and may now have to spend the next 12 years of his life wallowing away in exile at a resort in paradise.

What a damn genius, huh?!

Although Ryan discovered the travel life hack of all travel life hacks, his wife Valerie isn’t very happy with the situation: 

Valerie said through tears that when she heard the mandatory sentence, she was 'immediately terrified, because we can't be in prison for 12 years, we have kids at home.' 

She spent 11 days on the island facing charges alongside her husband, but saw her charges dropped on April 22 and was allowed to return to their family in Oklahoma. 

I guess you can’t blame Valerie for being a bit upset. I’d be, too, if I was forced to return to Oklahoma and watch the kids while my spouse chills on the beach, drinking pina coladas and listening to Kokomo, while awaiting a court date. 

If I were her, I’d gather up the kids, a box of bullets, and book a flight back to the islands to permanently join him!

“Whatever Patrick. This is a sad story. How dare you mock it! 

Okay, I guess I’m an asshole for making light of what I’m sure is a serious situation, but it’s hard for me to feel sorry for a guy who not only gets to extend a Caribbean vacation via a legal loophole, but also raise over a $100K to pay for it.

Yep, not only does Ryan get a free extended stay to Turks and Caicos, but also gets $100,000 in travel spending cash! Once again, give this guy a medal. Whether intentional or accidental, he's a damned genius!

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and provide updates. It will be interesting to see A) When or if Ryan gets off the island, and B) How many other Oklahoma good ole' boys with bullets will attempt to exploit his genius travel life hack. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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