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Racist Councilman’s Torch Extinguished in Enid Recall Election…

If you see the flags at the Enid Swadley’s flying at half mast, this explains why. 

After a lengthy effort by the Enid Social Justice Committee, Vance Airforce Base leadership, and other groups who aren't racist, white nationalist Judd Blevins was successfully recalled and ousted from the Enid City Council yesterday.

It’s good news for all Enid residents with decent values who oppose racism and who don’t like seeing their city’s brand and reputation tarnished on the national stage, and bad news for the people who say the town just hasn’t been the same since Gary from the infamous Chicaros died in 2022

Via the Enid News Eagle:

Cheryl Patterson defeated Judd Blevins in an election for the Ward 1 Enid City Commission seat…

The election was held after a recall petition initiated by Enid Social Justice Committee received enough signatures to set up another election for the seat. ESJC filed the petition after learning of Blevins’ alleged ties with white nationalist organizations.

Patterson defeated Blevins with 59.64% of the vote, 829-561…

I’d estimate about four out of every ten Enid residents harbor white nationalist sympathies and feelings, so that went about as I expected. Now that Blevins is off the city council, the town can finally get back to normal business, like banning Pride book displays at libraries

Here’s what Blevins said after voters extinguished his tiki torch:

“I first want to express my gratitude to my voters, volunteers, donors, and to everyone who has prayed for me and supported me,” he said. “It took a coalition of leftists and moderates, an all out media blitz from local, state, and national outlets, and scare tactics about the future of Vance AFB, unfounded in any truth or reality, yet shamefully endorsed by the establishment, to remove a true conservative from office. So be it.”

Yep, instead of blaming Jews, gays, and minorities, the white nationalist guy blamed leftists and moderates. I’m pretty sure that’s the fascist right-wing equivalent of going woke! I'm sure his fellow white nationalist pals are rolling their eyes.

Anyway, let this be a lesson to any future tiki torch-carrying fascists who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and are seeking a career in local politics: If you happen to win a seat on a city council election despite news reports that you were a state leader for Identity Evropa, expect a lengthy, well-funded effort by the left, moderates and their collaborators in the mainstream media to try and replace you. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.     

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