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TLO Restaurant Review: Pearl’s Oyster Bar

First of all, Happy Birthday to my beloved girlfriend!

To celebrate another year circling that sun in outer space, I did what all loving boyfriends should do and took her out for a celebration meal.

Originally, I had my mind selfishly set on taking her to a low-down, high-spice taqueria for a celebratory lunch, but, instead, I thought about what she would like and where she would go...

So, maintaining my caring composure and good-time vibes, I decided to pay homage to her Louisianna roots and take a chance on one of most well-known and long-lived Oklahoma restaurants in town – the venerable Pearl’s Oyster Bar, 5641 N. Classen Blvd.

And you know what? It was perfect!

We went for dinner around five o’clock. As we were seated next to a wholly metallic large-mouth bass, I told my girlfriend to order what she wanted—after all, it was her birthday and this was on the company tab... right?

As we perused the mouthwatering menu, I had my second iced tea as our waiter took our orders.

Although tempting, we didn’t go with the prominent Gulf Coast oysters featured on their fantastic menu as a starter. Instead, we began with the recommended Pearl’s Famous Crab Cakes ($17.00).

Brushed, teased, and dusted with a liberal coating of panko breadcrumbs, these were two of the most perfect cakes, and perfect for our party of two.

Gazing at the crawfish cream sauce that was levied around the heavenly cakes of crab, my fork slid perfectly good into the bounty. As flavorful steam rose to my nose, the bits of crab and other flotsam became a true birthday cake, giving us best wishes for the rest of the holy meal.

Wanting to try something new for her birthday dinner, my girlfriend chose the Blackened Redfish ($22.00) – featuring two fillets of redfish, blackened in Pearl’s own seasonings and topped with a brown butter sauce. Instead of rice as a side, she substituted squash Rockefeller and broccoli.

While the steamed broccoli was okay, the squash Rockefeller was simply outstanding, bringing out a true Louisianna flavor. Paired with the very blackened redfish, the trimmed fillets were seasoned just right and topped with a searing butter sauce that made just about everything wonderful. She truly loved them!

While she was devouring her dish, I made my way to the churning Louisianan waters of the Okie Pontchartrain ($31.00) – two overfed bellies of very fried catfish, served over white rice and spicy crawfish etouffee.

I just got to say it: Oooooo-wee, this is a spicy mother!

The bombastic rice and the rich crawfish etouffee were given a bottom-feeder crown, as the jumbo catfish did a sandy loop-de-loop into my waiting mouth. It was absolutely perfect!

I had the waiter bring out one last edible surprise for my girlfriend: the very sticky and very tasty New Orleans Bread Pudding ($9.50).

With apples, walnuts, cinnamon, raisins, powdered sugar, and topped with their “Whisky Sauce,” it was the gospel of bread pudding. Can I get an Amen?

While there were times in my life when restaurants like Pearl’s might give me fanciful heebie-jeebies, it’s actually a great place with savory and spicy food that is cooked to perfection. Even though I didn’t try the oysters, you better bet that next time, I will order a full dozen...maybe more!

And say Happy Birthday to my girlfriend if you get the chance.  Cómpralo ya!


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