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A Great Introduction – and Average Meal – at Boomerang Diner in Norman.

It’s a (belated) Christmas miracle!

Recently, my beloved mother finally met my wonderful girlfriend at the rampantly 1950s nostalgic Boomerang Diner in Norman (1100 E. Constitution) for a cost-effective meal.

With 54 locations dotted across our state's small towns and metro areas, I was aware of the Oklahoma chain and their kitschy diner-style meals, but this would be my first ever visit to one.

For the most part, my girlfriend and mother had a good time and enjoyed the food, but I'm not sure I'll ever boomerang back again.

My girlfriend and I arrived at the restaurant first, took a table, and quickly ordered an opening round of waters and coffees to both hydrate and stimulate for the big meeting with Mom.

She arrived shortly after, and the two quickly hit it off, gabbing about the weather, camping, and the history of Catholic private schools and their curriculum in Texas—don’t ask.

While this went on, I quietly sat by, half-way paying attention to the conversation while checking out the disparate portraits of 1950s icons like Elvis Presley, Hank Aaron, and Sophia Loren that clung to the wall. It was nice to be able to sit comfortably and soak in positive vibes while they conversed and laughed.

Then the food arrived.

As an appetizer, my mother vetoed my order of Pickle-O’s and directed us toward the most stereotypical starter ever, the Onion Rings ($3.99).

To be fair, they were alright. They looked like onion rings, smelled like onion rings, and tasted like onion rings, but they didn't particularly stand out, and the stingy portion size left about two onion rings per guest. Usually, three or four would have sufficed.

My mother, in all her well-meaning vegetarian glory, had a Veggie Omelet ($10.99) with three eggs, as well as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, cheese and, for the hell of it, multiple portions of jalapenos.

Just like the onion rings, the dish looked like an omelet, smelled like an omelet, and even tasted like an omelet, but nothing stood out about it. I did seem to have an extra dollop of cheese or two inside, which was welcomed and appreciated, but that's about it.

The Best Order At Boomerang award went to the girlfriend, obviously, who chose the Ultimate BLT Sandwich ($9.59) and an order of separate Hash Browns ($2.79).

This was decent. I’m sure you know all about the country-fried hash browns, but the hickory-smoked bacon really stood out, and paired well with its long-standing allies of lettuce, tomato, and mayo on grilled Texas toast. Good for her, I thought.

Somewhat disappointed in the commonality of their choices, I ordered the Hot Hamburger Sandwich ($7.59).

It sounded exquisitely gravy: a ¼ lb. hamburger patty on grilled Texas toast, “piled high” with hash browns & covered with roast beef gravy.

This is what I got:

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't a small plate with a weak piece of meat, topped with a couple of hashbrowns that looked like they were doused in Jello chocolate putting.

Looking at it, I seriously thought they had forgotten part of my order, but nope, that was it. I had three unsatisfactory bites, and my dinner was gone, gone, gone.

Although the apps and entrees disappointed, Boomerang nailed the finale – the Campfire variety of an American Fried Pie ($4.99).

It was a perfect reflection of my time at Boomerang: a fried pie filled with chocolate pudding and marshmallows, warmed up and moderately gooey. If there's one thing I'd recommend about the place, this is it.

As my girlfriend and my mother discussed the future of their newly-acquainted friendship, I ate the whole damn thing.

I wasn't expecting a five-star meal, but my maiden Boomerang voyage left a lot to be desired.

Ultimately, it is what it is – a small, serviceable, casual diner that, for many people in small towns across the state, is the closest thing they have to a comfortable place to meet, eat, and get to know new friends. For that I thank it.


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