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Yukon Mom finally gets photos from Sassy Psychic Medium Photographer…

2:24 PM EST on December 14, 2023

Weeks after his “In Your Corner” meltdown went viral across the Oklahoma interwebs, Brandon Burton – the sassy and catty author, photographer, podcaster, and psychic medium who sees dead people – finally delivered the long-awaited collection of baby photos to local Yukon Mom Destiny Sayer. 

If you remember correctly, Destiny paid Brandon to take some photos of one of her kids. After months of waiting for the prints, she started sending Brandon a barrage of emails asking when they would be delivered. 

Instead of making his client happy and mailing the prints to Destiny, Brandon snapped back and sent her a “catty and sassy” email informing her that she was unfortunately stuck on his time, and couldn’t boss him around like she does her husband. 

Perturbed, Destiny then contacted KFOR’s famed “In Your Corner” and shared the email with them.

This resulted in local news pipsqueak Dylan Brown going to Brandon’s house to inquire about the delay, and then stumbling into the greatest local news interview since Joleen Chaney befriended Sir Jon Michael.

Here’s the report if you want to relive its glory again.

Well, I guess this story has a happy ending. 

After being shamed, harassed, and laughed at by mortals, corporealites, and other living and breathing souls all over the internet, Brandon scrubbed his social media accounts and delivered the pics to Destiny’s door. 

Here’s the full story:

First of all, I guess we should credit Brandon for finally delivering the photo prints on his own time. 

Usually when In Your Corner files a report like this, a good Samaritan plumber, drywall contractor or tree trimmer has to show up and finish some botched job, free of charge, in hopes of getting earned media publicity.

Since we have about 5,000 freelance photographers in the metro who are desperate for business and publicity, that’s kind of what I figured would happen here, so kudos to Brandon for finally delivering the photos, even if it took him three months and being shamed by a TV station to do it.

That being said, wasn’t that a bit anticlimactic?

I bet when Destiny’s family saw that loaded-baked potato marching down their walkway to the front porch, they at least expected him to nail an edict to their door explaining the proper way to treat primadonna service providers.

In fact, this simple and happy solution to an In Your Corner report makes me wonder if there is a bigger twist at play here.

For example, maybe when Brandon walked up to the front porch he unleashed an army of evil spirits into Destiny’s house to tilt and unlevel the photos in her hallway. That will teach her a lesson, huh? 

Even better, what if we got some crazy Sixth Sense twist and learned that Dylan Brown – the KFOR news sleuth who broke open the story – has been a ghost this entire time!?!

It wouldn't surprise me. Notice how we never technically see Dylan while he's allegedly interviewing Destiny? I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Also, Dylan Brown being a ghost would probably explain why Brandon acted all extra crazy and weird in the initial interview. Even if you’re used to chatting with dead people while standing in the front yard of your house at 3am, seeing a dead TV consumer defender reporter knock at the door has to rattle you.

“Who’s at the door?”

“Oh no. It looks like some dead In Your Corner reporter. This can't be good. Let me see what they want.”

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