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TLO Restaurant Review: Scratch Kitchen

Even though our wires were crossed around which Scratch Kitchen to visit—my friend Jodie thought I wanted to go to the other Scratch in Paseo which, incidentally, just closed— after fifteen minutes of back-tracking and time-traveling, we finally met at the right one – Scratch Kitchen, 132 W. Main in Norman. Crisis averted!

After our salutations and pleasantries were equally exchanged and forgotten, Jodie told me her life-changing life news that shook me to the very core: she is getting a divorce.

As I spit-taked (spit-took?) the brash coffee from local roasters Yellow Dog, she explained the whole situation to me and, the more I heard her about it, I very much sympathized with her and was impressed she took charge of her life and is trying to better it.

Seriously, I applaud her for making such a strenuous change!

But, to be fair though, during her story, I was looking over the menu as I got another cup of black coffee. As the caffeine began flowing more and more, and after much debate, our orders were taken by the young server.

The Saturday brunch crowd ebbed and flowed from the restaurant, but Scratch was quick with our orders.

We started with the Scratch Biscuit Basket ($8.00) – an assortment of baked goods served with creamy butter and their house-made jam. Flaky, moist, and with steam rolling off the smattering tops, it was a truly assorted collection, because my last biscuit had chocolate chips.

Chocolate in a biscuit? What will they think of up next?

With the titanic collection of tasty biscuits behind us, Jodie started on the Crab Cake Benedict ($17.00), with its thick crab cake, hollandaise sauce, and a poached egg on an English muffin. It was as fancy as can be!

A recent convert to Benedictian-style breakfast meals, I was floored with this specialty. The brunch stereotype was transformed into a unique specialty, with the sweetly smitten crab cake praying with the perfect eggs benedict to create a massive “like” on my plate. This is one take to look out for!

For my own entrée, I had the OU-dyed Crimson and Cream Burger ($17.00). A Scratch all-beef patty topped with port wine jelly, brie cheese and fresh thyme, it was served on a brioche bun. It was a foreign placekicker—probably French—of stupendous sandwiches.

With the plentiful fries that could be called “tuberous fiber sticks” for their workmanlike precision, this was a truly très magnifique burger. Skillfully crafted with the best, sweatiest beef in mind, this was a slab of well-performing meat complete with all the tidings of the coaching staff of a top-tier university. Touchdown!

As we got the bill, I immediately grabbed it out of her hands and quickly paid it—it was the best I could do and, for the most part, what Scratch can do for lunch.

Cómpralo ya!


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