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Another Oklahoma High School Coach in trouble for assaulting student…

12:58 PM EST on November 8, 2023

According to various media reports, another high school coach/principal is in trouble for how he assaults and abuses his students!

This time around, instead of forcing players to do naked up and downs, demanding they drag their knuckles across a scorching baseball diamond, or sitting idly by while students are assaulted in the locker room during savage hazing rituals, the coach – Jeremy Gragg of Eufaula – simply punch-slapped a football player who was fighting his son.

Here’s a FB statement about the ordeal from the victim's parents:

Let’s be honest here.

Although we should have zero tolerance for assaulting minors, that’s pretty tame when compared to other incidents involving Oklahoma High School football coaches.

In fact, I’d only rank it a 2 or 3 on the Koons Scale – the 1 - 10 rating system we recently developed to document the strength and ferocity of abuse in Oklahoma high school athletics.

Also, the fight involving the coach's son does throw a big fat orange end zone pylon into the equation.

On one hand, I can see how a parent’s lizard brain can take over when they see their kid in a fight, and how it could lead to them making a poor decision. You know, like getting involved in the fight! It’s a parental animalistic instinct to be protective of your children!

Then again, I don’t think an average parents’ kid is a standout 18-year-old high school football linebacker who’s been described by the local newspaper as “a 6’ 4”, 270-pound giant" with numerous college scholarship offers.

Eufaula senior football standout Draven Gragg has a big decision to make. The 6’4”, 270-pound giant has been outstanding at the linebacker and the lineman positions. Gragg has received offers from University of Central Arkansas, East Central University, Northeastern State University, Southwestern State University, University of Central Oklahoma, Pittsburg State, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Southern Nazarene University has extended an official visit to Gragg.

Gragg has been a fouryear starter for the Ironheads and has contributed a lot in those years with Eufaula going 10-3 in 2022, 12-2 in 2021 and 10-2 in 2020. He has great speed for his size and is unbelievably tough and powerful as he has great technique in putting bone-jarring hits and devastating tackles on opponents. In addition to playing on the gridiron, Gragg has impressive leadership skills…

Gragg is the son of the Ironheads defensive coordinator Jeremy Gragg.

Geeze, someone should give the victim in this incident a medal!

Not only did he take on a brutish giant linebacker, but he also withstood a suprise attack from the giant’s testosterone-fueled lumberjack coach dad, too!

If that doesn’t get him extra playing time for the Ironheads' upcoming playoff game against Vian, I don’t know what else will.

As a result of the incident, Coach Gragg has been placed on leave while the district and authorities investigate.

This statement will trigger the overly sensitive woke types who enjoy today’s victim-focused day and age, but I feel like this whole saga is nothing more than a big series of overreactions.

From the teammates fighting to the dad coach intervening to the picked-on player's parents running to the media for attention in what some might logically think is an effort to score a quick and easy payday, it feels like everyone should take a chill pill.

In the old days, the coach, his son, and the kid they both assaulted would go to Braum’s after the fight for ice cream and laugh about the whole thing. Now it’s become a front-page news distraction for the school, team and community who simply want their teenage male athletes to try to destroy Vian boys on the gridiron in organized peace!

Anyway, we wish the Ironheads the best of luck in the playoffs this weekend, hope Jamar N Stafanie Ellen scores a decent financial settlement, and that Draven "Giant" Gragg knows his dad won't be there to protect him for lockerroom fights in college.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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