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Ryan Walters declares war on woke math textbooks!

If your goal in life was to sabotage an entire state’s public school system just so you could advance your standing in GOP school privatization theocrat circles, one smart thing to do would be to get rid of all textbooks and simply replace them with the Bible.

Not only would that force sane families to look for public school alternatives, but by replacing standard textbook curriculum with teachings from a 2,000-year-old anthology of myths, legends, and ancient beliefs, the students who are stuck in public schools will become even dumber!

I guess that explains why Ryan Walters is now celebrating the withdrawal of woke textbook companies from Oklahoma! 

Check this out:

Eight companies have withdrawn from consideration ahead of an expected vote on math materials next month by the Oklahoma Textbook Committee. The committee must select the approved list of math textbooks for schools to use over the next six years.

Former state officials who were part of the textbook adoption process say the number of vendors withdrawing this year is remarkably high.

As conservative voices continue to scrutinize classroom content, the officials said schools could be left with fewer textbooks that meet the rigorous standard of review in Oklahoma, a small-market state that already has limited leverage with the publishing industry.

That sucks. Back when I was in school, I would have donated my left or right nut to charity to get rid of all math textbooks, or at least put all the answers in the back of the book. I guess this is more proof I was born in the wrong century! 

In other news, math is apparently woke now.

Considering it’s nothing but a bunch of numbers, formulas, and other confusing shit that’s hard to learn and doesn’t make any sense, I’m not even sure how that would work.

Have the word problems changed since I was a kid?

Sebastian (them/they) has 5 copies of “Gender Queer” and 2 copies of “Caste.” They give one of their non-binary poly partners, Shawka (she/her), one copy of each book. How many books does Sebastian now have? 

Naturally, Ryan Walters – The State School Superintendent – recorded a video to celebrate the news that textbook companies are leaving Oklahoma, which would kind of be like the State Treasurer celebrating that certain banks can’t do business with the state, an analogy that should be ironic and used to form a ludicrous point, but instead is something that actually happened

Here’s the video of Walters talking trash about textbook companies:

Yep, take that, textbook makers! We’re not going to allow woke textbooks to indoctrinate students in Oklahoma! 

Well, unless that textbook is the Bible and the indoctrination is Christianity. Remember this?

I know Ryan Walters loves hypocrisy as much as his wife likes the coffee at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House, but this is getting old! 

Excluding the passages about violence, incest, and child sacrifice, there’s not a more woke book out there than the Bible. In fact, the book’s main character is about as woke as you can get!

Jesus ran around with 12 other men, never married, loved everyone, and consistently reached out and associated with marginalized groups. He even dined with the looked-down-upon tax collectors, stood up against the public shaming of a woman, and consistently advocated for the poor and voiceless. In a time when societal norms were rigid, Jesus was all about breaking barriers and setting the ultimate example of inclusion and love. Talk about a trendsetter in the realm of wokeness!

But, of course, hypocrisy doesn't matter to Walters and all his ilk. They dream and long for the day when the Bible is the only textbook, and women can stay at home in their red dress and white bonnet, teaching children from it why their husbands are bringing home the bread...

It’s hard to believe that Pam Pollard – the former State GOP chair – is a Ryan Walters supporter, huh?

Anyway, now that math textbooks – along with history, science, and social studies – are becoming too woke for Oklahoma kids, you have to wonder which books Walters and Co. will go after next. I’ll bet they target home economics, which will probably become a required class for all Oklahoma girls as our state returns to its “traditional” Biblical values. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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