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TLO Restaurant Review: Pappy’s BBQ

Earlier this month, the Great State Fair of OAK-lahoma was in town and, sadly, I couldn’t go for various health reasons, *cough cough*. But, as I looked over the festive horizon of rides, games, and other amusements, I instead went to Pappy’s BBQ, 201 S. May Ave., and at least partake in some of the absent fun,

Situated a block away from the fairgrounds, Pappy’s seems like a perpetual favorite in the Oklahoma City dining scene—but apparently, there’s no media or reviews of it, with all the advertising from word of mouth and, of course, the Ken Boyer bail bonds signs that drape the seemingly classic vehicles. And remember: Ken Boyer…Ken Boyer…KEN BOYER!

As I parked near the road, I went into the very small building and walked to the counter, and, as with most barbecue places, I immediately ordered a large sampler plate – the Pappy’s Big Hog ($18.99) – and a piece of pecan pie.

As I waited for my food, I glanced at the ads on the table. A few more customers then came in and, by the time my food showed up, it was filled with a small hodge-podge of mostly city workers.

Quickly cut and brought to my table, Pappy’s Big Hog seemed like a big meal, but as the little slice of bread was pushed away, I noticed it was kind of bare-bones.

I went with four basic types of meat for the heart of the meal – pulled pork, chopped brisket, hot links, and sliced bologna.

They were alright.

The pulled pork and chopped brisket were fine, and the sliced hot links were pretty good. My favorite of the four was the smoked and sliced bologna, with an aromatic smell that made me want to try the whole pig and then some. Next time I'll just order a giant bologna sandwich and be in hog heaven.

The cold side items were, however, more-than-fantastic, especially the corn salad and the pineapple picnic salad. A mixture of sweet and even more sweet, this combination of the carb-heavy treat and the flipped-kernel dessert were the top things on my menu. If you go to Pappy’s in the near future, these are the dishes you truly deserve!

Even though I couldn’t have another bite of the picnic salad, I had to try Pappy’s Pecan Pie ($3.25). With the roasted pecan nuts covering the moist decadent pie filling, it was pretty dammed good, leading to me down the whole piece in only a few bites. Now I need to try their Banana pudding. Next time, I guess.

With the State Fair – and its funnel cakes, sticky lemonade, and spent shell casings on the dirty ground – at least Pappy’s will leave your sweet tooth covered until next September, I guarantee it!

Cómpralo ya!


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