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Deer Creek teacher lands in sticky situation over sleepytime gummy scandal…

2:24 PM EDT on September 19, 2023

It’s time for an update to our long-running and very informal series – Stupid Oklahoma Teachers Behaving Badly. 

This time around we go to Deer Creek where Amanda Bristow – a special ed teacher at Grove Valley Elementary – resigned for “personal reasons” after she was caught giving students some mysterious sleepytime gummies without any sort of school or parental permission. 

Here are details via KFOR:

A Grove Valley Elementary Special Education teacher resigned following a letter sent out to parents saying she no longer worked in the district. The letter said the Deer Creek School District learned that Amanda Bristow had been giving students some sort of medication.

“I did question my son about it, I said, did she ever give you any medicine? And he said she used to give them special gummies and then they would take a nap,” said Megan Longoria, a parent.

That’s cool. On behalf of all the grown ups out there, can the kid’s Mom spill the name of the gummies so we can all go about and buy some? I can add it to my nightly melatonin indica CBD bourbon regime!

Here’ s more:

Longoria said she didn’t think twice after the letter was sent out to parents on August 31st.

“I totally overlooked it, which I think was their intention, you know. And so I went back and I read the email. It said in there that that she the teacher, Ms. Bristow has been let go because she was administering medications,” said Longoria.

The email got her thinking, so she talked to her son. Longoria said she thinks the “gummies” he was given may have been a sleeping aid, after noticing her son started waking up more often in the middle of the night…

The mother is now considering removing her son from the school and has talked to an attorney.

If you ask me, the mom is overreacting a bit here.

Weird isolated incidents like this can happen at any school district. Like the people who run Deer Creek really knew Ms. Webster was a safety risk to students. It’s not like she was arrested on felony child abuse charges only a decade earlier.

Well, actually

Ada teacher arrested for alleged child abuse

An Ada teacher was arrested at her place of employment Friday for an alleged child abuse incident that happened elsewhere.

Amanda Charlene Bristow, 33, Ada, was arrested at Ada Early Childhood Center Friday after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

The reported abuse took place at the Ada Boys and Girls Club July 31. Ada police were alerted Aug. 11 by a parent whose child had been injured by the incident, which was captured on video footage.

Ada Police Detective Destry Musgrove said a boy knocked a ball out of Bristow’s hand and that set off a series of events where Bristow assaulted three 9-year-old children with the ball — an 18” Omnikin Six ball — which has a handle sewn into it.

Listen, I know this state is in a perpetual teacher shortage, and that people deserve second chances,  but maybe – just maybe – we should pass a law that prevents schools from hiring teachers who once beat a trio of obnoxious children with a giant Omnkikin Six Ball! It seems like a logical thing to do. 

Then again, maybe I’m overreacting. 

Bristow’s disciplinary ball skills could probably get her hired on as championship volleyball coach at Kingston High School, so maybe we should keep her around. You know, as long as she lets us know what gummies to take each night.

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