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Another Oklahoma lawmaker tagged in “Are We Dating The Same Guy” Facebook Group…

10:51 AM EDT on September 7, 2023

It looks like our pal Mickey Dollens isn’t the only legislative heart-throb serving in the Oklahoma legislature!

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we recently learned that Oklahoma State Senator Paul Rosino – an influential lawmaker who uses his political clout to orchestrate covert political attacks on Oklahoma teachers – recently made the OKC/Tulsa-edition of the “Are We Dating The Same Guy” Facebook group. 

For the unaware, “Are We Dating The Same Guy” is a collective of Facebook groups found in various cities that player-shame, demean, and objectify local men who possibly have multiple dating partners all in the good name of protecting women from abuse and harm. 

Here’s the post about Rossino:

Yep. He left his wife and family after 35 years of marriage. How’s that for some Oklahoma values?

As opposed to the “Are We Dating The Same Guy” post about Mickey McDreamy – one where excited and eager women marveled over his hunky photos and talked about his nice truck – the post about Rosino generated virtually zero interest, obviously damaging the lawmaker’s self-esteem. 

Or, maybe not!

Because there’s always a Mole lurking, we acquired a pic of Rosino out on a recent date. I have to say, it looks like everything’s going good in the land of Paul!

Yep, I have bad news for all the Midreds, Helens, and other Panera fans around the world, it looks like Mr. Rosino is taken… and also conducting his own personal field research into Medicare billing!

Okay, I’m just messing around. That pic is from Rosino’s campaign website. I went to the Senator's Facebook page, and it looks like he's actually engaged!

First of all, I like how they wrote his name as "Senator" Paul Rosino inside the little heart. It's nice to know Paul is grounded and not full of himself and his podunk political title.

Second, it looks like this engagement took place about a year after Paul pulled a Mike Hunter and filed for divorce from his wife of 35 years. Maybe his photos should have been posted to the "Are We Married To The Same Guy" Facebook page instead?

Anyway, I guess if you’ve dated Paul Rosino and aren’t ashamed to admit to it, send us an email or join the Are We Dating The Same Guy.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.  

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