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More scoop on the Mike Hunter divorce, affair and resignation…

2:10 PM EDT on May 26, 2021

Earlier this morning, I woke up to an email from an Ogle Mole letting me know that Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter had recently filed for divorce. The email included Hunter's divorce petition that's still not on OSCN.

I made some calls around the Ogle Mole Network to get a scoop and quickly hammered out an article so I could, once again, brag that The Lost Ogle – a small publication with only one full-time employee and a few freelance contractors – scooped the entire Oklahoma City media on a big political scandal.

Then, just minutes after that story dropped, Mike Hunter made a bombshell announcement that took everyone else in the media off guard. He was resigning because of "personal matters" that may become public!

As we now know, that personal matter had to do with his divorce and an alleged affair.

Since our article dropped, I've learned more about Hunter's resignation and those personal matters, including the high-level state employee he was having an affair with...

Mike Hunter was allegedly having an affair with state bureaucrat Kim Bailey!

Kim – who filed for divorce back on April 16th – has a short but distinguished career as a state employee.

After spending nearly two decades as a lawyer and Burger King franchisee, she joined the Attorney's General office in 2015 and quickly shot up the ranks of state government.

In 2016, she was named Executive Director and General Counsel of the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission. After a few years on that job, she was appointed general counsel and COO of the Oklahoma State Health Department. She held that position until this past January when, after being passed on the bureaucrat ladder by Stitt-loyalist Lance Frye, she left the Health Department to serve as General Counsel for the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

According to the Ogle Mole Network, Mike and Kim became very close and developed a deep friendship when they worked at the AG's office together. They would apparently "text each other all the time," and, well, we know how that usually works out.

"So what, Patrick! People have affairs with co-workers all the time! What's the big deal!"

Not to take anything away from Bailey and her professional accomplishments climbing the government ladder, but there's the question of whether or not Hunter had an influence on Bailey's rapid rise through the Oklahoma bureaucratic ranks. AGs are supposed to be trustworthy and impartial and have ethics, and that's a hard thing to do when you're helping your married mistress get good, well-paying government jobs.

There could also be something more nefarious at work...

Rumors are now circulating through the Ogle Mole Network (and Oklahoma Political Gossip Scene) that Hunter's indictment of Stitt cabinet member David Ostrowe – another former Burger King franchisee – could have been politically motivated.

I guess Hunter and Stitt don't like each other, and there's also a long, weird history between Ostrowe and Bailey due to the Burger King connection. As a result, Ostrowe basically blocked Bailey from being promoted late last year. In retaliation for that, Hunter allegedly led the effort to indict Ostrowe for bribery.

Well, at least that's what the Moles are telling me. You know how reliable they are.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to follow this juicy story and see where it all goes. If you have any tips or news or know of any other higher-ups in the Health Department who are also having an affair that everyone knows about, shoot us an email.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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