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State Rep. Mickey Dollens exposed on “Are We Dating The Same Guy” FB page…

The philandering politician has apparently been dating up to seven women at once. Well, until now.

10:26 AM EST on March 7, 2023

Don't hate the politician! Hate the game!

Thanks to a tip via the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned that Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey “Oh So Fine” Dollens – the heart-throbbing Democratic State Rep and House Minority Whip from south OKC – has been a popular topic of discussion in the OKC / Tulsa “Are We Dating The Same Guy” FB group. 

Since last week, three separate posts and hundreds of comments have been shared in the private group by women about the lawmaker. 

Here are screenshots of the posts that various Moles have sent me. Unfortunately for Mickey and his dating game, he was quickly marked with the scarlet flag emoji… 

As you can see, the posts received lots and lots and lots of comments.

Based on the ones I’ve seen, it looks like Mickey – an obviously proud supporter of a woman’s right to get an abortion – is a serial philanderer!

In fact, after a thorough investigation by the group’s scorned members, it was determined the former beefcake bobsledder has possibly been seeing up to seven women at once! 

Check this out:

That’s wild! If only there was something Mickey has done as a lawmaker to add some irony to his appearance on this page, like you know, proposing that all Oklahoma males be required to get vasectomies…

That’s funny. Now that we know he’s the Don Juan of the Oklahoma legislature, it makes you wonder if Mickey’s idea for men to get a vasectomy had more to do with him subconsciously projecting his own lack of emotional stability than it did tongue-in-cheek humor related to abortion rights.

In one comment thread, some younger women entered the chat to learn they’re not the only ones Mickey is taking on dates or DMing on Instagram:

In a very masculine, broseph bar stool type of way, I should probably be giving it up to Mickey. I barely have the time, energy, and focus to date one woman at a time, much less juggle seven at once, so I give him credit for putting in the time and effort to make that happen. 

That being said, how does he have the time to date seven women and still be a productive member of the legislature? That sounds exhausting! I guess it’s a good thing he’s a powerless Oklahoma Democratic and his job doesn’t really matter, otherwise, his constituents should be concerned! 

According to comments posted in the group, I guess various women have been sending screenshots of the posts to Mickey, so he’s fully aware that the ladies are onto his schtick.

Don't feel too sorry for him, though. He's still a cute guy who drives a nice truck, so he'll be fine.

Anyway, I guess we’ll follow this story to see if Mickey issues a public apology or starts a dating advice blog that other men can sign up for.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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