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Aaron Tuttle is into pedo jokes and dog breeding now…

10:48 AM EDT on August 22, 2023

Say what you want about diabolical Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle, but he is a man of many interests. 

From weather forecasting to extreme weightlifting to spreading wacko conspiracy theories on the Internet, he always seems to have a fun hobby to keep both his mind and the Mustang Moms who follow him on social media entertained. 

For example, he’s now apparently diving deep into the world of pedo jokes and dog breeding. 

Check out this Facebook post that some Ogle Moles sent my way. I’m resharing it on this web platform under the protection of Federal copyright laws:

To translate, I guess Aaron has a Yorkie that he's ready to breed, so the first thing that popped into his head was to make a joke on Facebook about children getting knocked up for their birthday.

It begs the question – Is there a cringe emoji on Facebook, and if not, can they make one that looks like this?

Get on it, Zuck. Please and thank you. 

In other news, WTF.

I’m in the camp that just about any topic is fair game when it comes to humor, and I guess that includes jokes about babies being knocked up. Sure, it’s not my Tommee Tippee cup of tea, but if you want to try to make a juxtapositional wordplay joke about a one-year-old child having sex, go for it. 

That being said, if it’s not executed properly, you better be prepared for some pushback, especially if the joke is about your intent to help contribute to overcrowded animal shelters and pet euthanization.

Aaron’s post was quickly flooded by angry commenters who either didn’t get or like Aaron’s attempt at humor, and/or think he’s sick, greedy, and selfish for breeding his dog when there are so many pets stuck in shelters facing euthanization. 

Never being one to back down, Aaron fought back with his own comments. For example:

I’ll agree with Aaron on one thing – there is a lot of mental illness on display in that thread. Granted, I believe it starts with the guy making pedo jokes in Facebook posts about their dog getting ready to breed, but at least I agree with him. 

Here’s more:

Yeah, I wonder what’s coming? More pedo jokes? Also, how exactly does Aaron Tuttle go scorched earth? Open the door to his tanning bed? Lob spray tan bombs at animal shelters? I can’t wait to see his next social media post on Facebook – not Twitter – so we'll know the answer. 

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