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Stitt and Drummond unite in the name of pig torture…

Although they appear to be bitter political rivals, and on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to topics such as tribal sovereignty, enabling and encouraging government corruption, and using taxpayer funding to indoctrinate public school students which Christian religious teachings and mythology, there are some things where Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Attorney General Gentner Drummond seem to agree. 

For example, they both want to protect the right of Oklahoma pork producers to be able to torture pigs via extreme confinement before slaughtering them for human consumption!  

Over the past few weeks, both Stitt and Drummond have signed letters throwing their support toward the federal EATS Act.

Introduced in response to California’s Proposition 12 – a Supreme Court-upheld law that bans the sale of pork, chicken and other meat products that are produced via the practice of extreme confinement – it aims to prevent state and local governments from “regulating the production and distribution of food products within their borders that are subject to interstate commerce.”

Here’s what Drummond had to say:

“It is outrageous that California should have the authority to impose its regulations on Oklahoma farmers and ranchers. As a fifth-generation rancher myself, I will always fight for my fellow farmers and ranchers. I will fight for our state’s right to regulate agriculture within our own jurisdiction, free from the interference of other states.”

I’m not a 5th generation rancher who was born into one of the largest private land-owning families in the United States that gets to eat the Pioneer Woman’s pan-fried pork chops on a regular basis, but, at last check, I don’t think there’s anything in California’s law that tells and an Oklahoma hog farmer what to do.

If Haskell from Guymon wants to continue torturing pigs in an effort to make an honest dollar, keep at it. The only catch is they can’t sell their product in California. No big deal. 

It appears Kevin Stitt hasn’t released a quote in support of the federal law that prevents states from outlawing animal torture, but considering how much he hates PETA, we shouldn’t be surprised he’s in total in support of the unethical treatment of animals:

In all seriousness, it really is nice to see Stitt and Drummond finally agree on something outside of how awesome it is to be an uber-wealthy conservative white man in Oklahoma.

If they ever go to couples therapy, they’ll finally have something to discuss when the therapist asks them if there are any topics where they see eye to eye.

“Tell me Kevin. Is there something where you and Gentner agree?”

“Well, we both like our Swadley’s barbecue to be made out of tortured animals.”

All that being said, I’m a tad surprised they both strongly endorse the law. 

Sure, if it becomes law it would prevent states like California – the world’s 4th largest economy – from imposing their economic will on sleepy conservative flyover states like Oklahoma, but it would also get rid of Oklahoma’s ability to keep California’s immoral liberal products outside of our borders. 

I mean, we are the state that’s toyed with “Don’t say almond milk" laws.

Plus, what would happen if Ralph Shortey’s premonition becomes true and some woke California abortion farm starts putting aborted fetuses in the food chain? Don’t Stitt and Drummond want to preserve our state’s right to block Fetus Flakes and Abortion-Os?

The answer to that is yes, which means Stitt or Drummond either didn’t think all that out, or simply don’t care, because they know this is nothing more than culture war-inspired legislation designed to pander to the pork industry, rile up the basis and pit red and blue state against each other. 

Either way, it's nice to see the Governor and AG finally agree on something. Is this a great state or what?

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