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OK County DA releases trigger-happy cops back onto the streets…

12:41 PM EDT on August 2, 2023

The means streets of Oklahoma City just got a little more dangerous. 

Last Friday afternoon, just in time for the weekend, Oklahoma County DA Vicki Behenna – the freshly elected Democrat who thumped Kevin Calvey and his bowl cut in November’s election – held a press conference announcing she had dismissed all charges against a smorgasbord of local cops who shot and killed some metro residents for behaving badly back in 2020.

Here are the details via KOCO

Oklahoma County District Attorney Vicki Behenna announced that her office has dismissed charges against seven police officers involved in three separate deadly shootings in 2020.

Behenna dropped charges in three cases where officers shot and killed people – 15-year-old Stavian Rodriguez in November 2020, 60-year-old Bennie Edwards in December 2020 and Christopher Poor in July 2020.

I haven’t followed these cases closely enough to make an informed opinion on whether or not Behenna’s decision was the right call, but there was obviously enough evidence there for her predecessor – former DA David Prater – to charge the cops.

Well, at least that’s what you hope. Prater did have a history of valuing politics more than evidence.  

Either way, even if Behenna thought the charges were weak or wouldn’t stick in front of a jury, I’d rather have 12 biased and prejudiced citizens clear the cops of manslaughter than one elected DA.

But then again, what do I know? 

I’m just a dude partaking in the 21st-century tradition of sharing an uninformed opinion on the Internet. Obviously, Ms. Behenna – a long-time litigator who worked tirelessly to get her convicted murderer son pardoned by President Trump – consulted with only the most qualified and unbiased experts in the police violence field to help guide her decision. 

She said the charges were dropped after analysis from a California-based expert who has 28 years of experience with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office and 10 years of experience with the UCLA Police Department.

Oh. She consulted with a long-time ex-cop. That's good to know. Maybe next week she’ll consult with an executioner to determine what to do with any controversial death penalty cases?

Because she’s a Democrat, Behenna’s tribal switcheroo triggered outrage from the left-wing social media echo chamber folks who frown upon police violence. They couldn’t believe someone they voted for broke rank and sided with law enforcement over dead citizens. 

Although they loved the decision, the Blue Lives Matter right was a bit quieter. I think that’s because they’re not allowed to praise Democrats – even the ones who clear cops of murder and manslaughter – under any circumstance. 

Anyway, now that they’ve been cleared of all charges, the trigger-happy cops who killed Christopher Poor, Stavian Rodriquez, and Bennie Edwards can all officially return to work, and get back to making OKC streets more dangerous and deadly than they already are. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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