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Oklahoma Governor Greg Treat visits Tulsa…

While Kevin Stitt escargots his way around Paris and Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell kisses GOP ass at this resort in Georgia, State Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat has been making the most of his temporary reign as Oklahoma Governor. 

In addition to declaring emergencies and issuing hysterically accurate press releases, he’s now even getting his hands dirty and touring storm damage that left hundreds of thousands of northeastern Oklahomans powerless, including some unfortunate souls who relied on respirators for life.

Check this out:

That’s cool and everything, but if Greg “The Great” Treat really wants to be treated seriously as acting governor, he needs to get one of those cool blue REI jackets that Stitt and Pinnell always bring out of the closet for the cameras. You know what I’m talking about…

Even though he doesn’t have a cool state-licensed disaster wardrobe, I don’t think we can blame Senator Treat for milking this moment for all its worth. 

Not only does picking up the ball dropped by Stitt and Pinnell’s Carmen San Diego routine get him good PR and a head start on a potential 2026 gubernatorial run, but I think we call all admit that it would be fun to be Governor of Oklahoma for a couple of days. 

Let’s be honest – what grown adult wouldn’t want free drinks at On-Cue, their own propaganda team or to be able to send out OHP to escort their kids home after a night out drinking in Guthrie. Hopefully, Treat has enough time to score some buddies some cushy cabinet positions or government contracts before Stitt and or Pinnell return, which will be in… uhm.. well, nobody’s really sure:

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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