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Body cam footage finally emerges from drunken Little Stitter incident at Guthrie Haunts…

It begins with the gubernatorial name drop and ends with OHP showing up to escort little Stitter home.

8:30 AM EST on November 22, 2022

With the Natty Lite and Twisted Tea spilled out into the open, more details are emerging from John-Boy Stitt’s drunken incident at the Guthrie Haunts on Halloween night. 

Much to the surprise of sane and rational people who thought this would all be swept under the rug, it does appear that Little Stitter – a 20-year-old OSU student – will likely face some mild consequences for getting drunk with friends and hitting up a haunted house with one case of guns and two cases of shitty alcohol in tow. 

This was despite Little Stitter’s best efforts to use his dad’s name to keep him out of trouble. In fact, he named dropped his dad right after Logan County Deputy Katlin Long arrived on the scene and flipped on her body camera!

We uploaded the full 30 minutes of footage to YouTube. 

It begins with the gubernatorial name drop and ends with OHP showing up to escort little Stitter home. In between, there’s investigative work and “How the hell did I get stuck with this” musings by Deputy Logan.

Check it out below:

Hey, I’m not going to be too hard on Little Stitter here. When I was 20, I did way dumber shit than get drunk and go to a haunted house in Guthrie. That’s because I was way cool and had a fake ID and could go to actually bars!

Either way, can you blame him for trying to use his dad’s name, power, and position to get out of trouble with the law? My dad’s kind of notable, and I had no problem using his clout when needed...

“Hey there. You seem kind of drunk, kid. How old are you? Where did you get those guns?”

“Well, to clarify, officer. My dad draws caricature sketches at the Greek Festival. Now call a highway patrolman and have them escort me and my friends home.”

I would provide a more thorough recap and lampooning of the 30-minute-long YouTube video, the cover-up conspiracy theories, and my general admiration for Logan County Deputy Katlin Long, but I’m supposed to be on semi-vacation this week and I don’t want to let some drunk gun-loving trust fund kid ruin that. 

If you want more details on the whole fiasco, The Oklahoman and Fox 25 have pretty good reports that explain it all. 

That being said, if you want to pretend the incident never happened, check out KWTV News 9 or KFOR Channel 4. They have totally ignored it. (Update: They finally provided coverage) Or if you want to sanctimoniously criticize news media coverage of the incident, all while still covering the event so you can get some pageviews, check out NonDoc. They have you covered. 

Anyway, unless one of Kevin Stitt’s daughters gets drunk and throws up on a bunch of teens at a Friendgiving sleepover, I think I’m going to take it easy the rest of the week. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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