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State Senator surprised to learn he’s the acting Governor of Oklahoma…

Earlier today, with the hot, sweltering moans and groans from people in Tulsa growing louder and louder, The Oklahoman’s Dale Denwalt hit up Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell to find out why Stitt’s personal Number One was dragging his feet on issuing an emergency declaration for northeastern Oklahoma. 

It's a fair question to ask.

At last check, the area is still dealing with storm damage, power outages and gas shortages as a result of this past weekend’s weather, and with Governor Stitt living the good life at an airshow in Paris, those bothersome executive branch duties now fall into Pinnell's lap. 

Dale quickly got his answer:

Yep. Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell – the guy whose primary constitutional duty is to fill in for the Governor if he or she ever becomes sick, dead, inebriated, or goes for a little workcation in Paris – has fled the state, too. I'm glad he takes his job seriously.

As a result, the acting Governor of Oklahoma is State Senator Great Treat – The Pro Tem of the Oklahoma Senate. 

This was apparently news to Senator Treat. 

After learning he was in charge of things, Treat put on his little blue monogrammed REI vest – he has to have one, right? – and declared an emergency order for several counties in northeastern Oklahoma that were victimized by this past weekend’s storms. 

Here’s his press release about it. It contains one of the greatest matter-of-fact subheads I’ve ever read:

As they say in these parts, "Only in Oklahoma."

Not only did Stitt and Pinnell both leave Oklahoma at the same time, but they didn’t tell anyone about it. If that’s not the most equally dumbass and fitting thing for those numbskulls to do, I’m not sure what it is. 

Seriously, how white trash is that? The Oklahoma people have effectively been parentless for two days and literally nobody knew! Can somebody report them to DHS and find us new foster Governors or something?

Just like a deadbeat dad, Stitt tried to twist the narrative:

Governor Stitt Calls on Pro Tem Treat to Declare State of Emergency in Ten Oklahoma Counties

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt called on the Oklahoma Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat to sign Executive Order 2023-18 declaring a State of Emergency in Creek, Delaware, Harper, Mayes, Pawnee, Payne, Rogers, Tulsa, Wagoner, and Choctaw counties following recent storms across the state. This declaration has been ordered following the most recent reports from the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, who has been working closely with local jurisdictions as they survey the storm damage and debris, including damage to public buildings, infrastructure, and utilities. Since Thursday, an emergency waiver has been in place allowing for size and weight exemptions for power crews assisting in power and storm recovery.

“My heart goes out to the Oklahomans impacted by last weekend’s severe weather, and the many people still overcoming the aftermath of those storms,” said Governor Stitt. “The State, including the Oklahoma Department Emergency Management and Homeland Security continues to be responsive through emergency declarations, waivers, and requests to impacted areas to restore power, protect critical infrastructure and to get Oklahomans the resources they need during these trying times. I am thankful for our emergency response teams and power crews who are working tirelessly to restore utilities in the affected areas.”

So, who do you believe? The dad who left the house without telling anyone, or the creepy Uncle who had to drop what he was doing to make sure we’re all fed and okay. Can we just runaway like a rural Oklahoma teen and find a new home?

Anyway, now that Senator Treat is acting Governor, maybe he can look at working with the legislature to abolish the Governor’s office, since we apparently don't really need one?

At the very least, maybe we can follow AG Drummond's direction and rework our laws so we're not caught with our pants down the next time a massive storm rolls through.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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