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Mary’s Little Lamb named UCO president…

Well, it looks like UCO is about to suck more than usual.

Last week, The University of Central Oklahoma – my blue and gold alma mater – announced that former Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb has been hired as the university’s new president, meaning the way they spell Broncho is no longer the dumbest thing about the place. 

Here are some details via News 9:

On Thursday, the Board of Regents for the Regional University System of Oklahoma named Todd Lamb as the 22nd president of the University of Central Oklahoma.

Lamb will take over the presidency beginning July 1.

Lamb earned his Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma State University, but he also attended a number of classes at UCO. He earned a Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University.

I went to UCO and OCCC, so I know stupid when I see it, and I want to say on record “This is stupid.”

Here are two reasons why:

1. Todd Lamb has no college teaching or administration experience. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that goes into running a university – from budgeting to academics to dealing with egotistical professors to recruiting young students to soliciting donations from rich people – so you’d think our state regents would be interested in hiring someone with broad management and administrative experience in all those areas, but they didn't.

2. It’s Todd Lamb! Out of all the washed-up Oklahoma politicians looking for an easy Government job, we get stuck with Mary’s Little Lamb?! What a joke! He couldn't even beat out Mayor McSelfie to be Dean of the OCU Law School! When Todd Lamb ran for Governor in 2018, I ranked all 15 people seeking office and he literally came last, finishing behind two people (this guy and this guy) who are now currently in prison for attempting to kill someone! That’s how bad he is. 

Not surprisingly, I’m not the only super influential UCO alum criticizing the move. Chad Richison – a.k.a. The Paycom Dude – wrote a scathing open letter dumping on the decision like it was a hand-punched time card. 

Via The Oklahoman_:

The hiring of a former state lieutenant governor as the University of Central Oklahoma’s next president has drawn fierce opposition from the college’s biggest donor, who alleged the candidate won the job from "political favors."

Paycom CEO Chad Richison sent a letter to UCO’s governing board on Friday, alleging former Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb was hired as president because of political connections to board members and is unqualified to lead the university.

Richison said the decision Thursday from the Board of Regents of the Regional University System of Oklahoma “prioritizes politics at the expense of the university.”

“Before the hiring of the University of Central Oklahoma’s new president, the RUSO board asked for my opinion, and I was clear that I didn’t think the university should consider a career politician with no university, leadership or management experience,” Richison wrote.

Listen, I know I haven’t contributed as much money to UCO as Chad, but you’d really think UCO would consult and listen to all alumni before making a big hire like this. At the very least, maybe hold a gathering with me, Joe Aska, the guys from Hinder, and any other famous alums to get our thoughts on the decision… right?

Then again, as Chad pointed out, this is a political decision, so I doubt the regents really care what UCO alumni, students, and faculty think. Who knows? Maybe state leaders are jealous of the culture war win Oklahoma Christian scored after the firing of Micheal O’Keefe, and know that Todd Lamb will do whatever is possible to even score. Hell, I bet Lamb's first order of business will be to inspect and ban all library books with rainbows on them.  

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and cover all the controversies that Todd Lamb creates.

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