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Dahmest Person Alive Named Chairman of Oklahoma GOP…

He wasn’t even the worst choice!

This past weekend, the Oklahoma GOP held its big statewide convection in Tulsa – a jean dress, Kohl’s sports jacket, red MAGA hat affair where some of the world’s most devout conspiracy theorists, election deniers, militiamen, religious freaks, racists, theocrats, essential oils salespeople and other Christian nationalists gathered to select who would lead the state party as it descends further into dystopian madness.

LIkely impressed by his recent disembowelment by Jon Stewart in a made-for-re-tweet interview, attendees selected one of the Dahmest people alive to serve as the new chairman: State Senator Nathan Dahm.

The TLO regular is a sweater-wearing, right-wing extremist from Broken Arrow who is so reviled and disliked by his Senate colleagues that he's prohibited from serving even a token leadership position after 12 years of service in the Senate. 

Here’s what he had to say:

"I've been honored to serve as the most Conservative State Senator in the history of Oklahoma," his Facebook post read. "And I look forward to serving as Chair of the OKGOP and uniting us to push back on the leftist lunacy taking over our country & to save our Republic!"

Yep. that’s right! 

The home-schooled, Trump-worshipping, election-denier from Broken Arrow who has introduced legislation over the years to block red flag laws, called for a “Year of the Bible” and introduced a resolution for Oklahoma to renounce the US and become a sovereign state is going to push back on the “leftist lunacy.”

Naturally, his election was trumpeted by his fellow culture war-fighting Republicans:

Although Dahm is mentally unfit to lead any organization, much less one that sets a political party’s agenda and helps it vet and select candidates for public office, I guess it could be worse. Convention attendees could have elected his opponent instead!

Via The Tulsa World:

Dahm defeated sitting Oklahoma GOP Chairman A.J. Ferate and former state Rep. Sean Roberts at a GOP state convention in Tulsa that drew hundreds of Republicans from across the state…

In a runoff election at the state convention, Dahm clinched 60% of the vote, compared to Roberts’ 40%. Dahm announced his campaign on Tuesday, while Roberts, who unsuccessfully ran for state Labor Commissioner last year, had been campaigning for months. Dahm said he jumped into the race after being asked to run by a fellow lawmaker and praying over the decision with his wife.

How's that for a right wing Sophie's Choice?

Basically, convetion delegates had to choose between a looney right-wing tool who represents all the worst aspects of today’s GOP, or another looney right-wing tool who also represents all the worst aspects of today’s GOP but also beat his ex-wife

Kudos to Republican voters for making the right choice. 

Anyway, we’d like to congratulate Nathan Dahm on scoring the big win. We look forward to contonue covering all the stupid things he does and says as he desperately continues to remain politically relevant. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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