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Sean “The Patriot” Roberts accused of abusing, stalking and tormenting ex-wife…

10:24 AM EDT on July 17, 2022

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we've learned that right-wing Oklahoma Labor Commissioner candidate Sean Roberts – the term-limited State Rep. who makes "Let's Go Brandon" Christmas floats and goes by his self-appointed nickname "The Patriot" – is a bigger schlub than we thought!

Last week, an Ogle Mole emailed us a variety of public records – protective orders, divorce decrees, emergency orders – associated with Sean's first marriage, which ended in divorce in Tennesee in the early 2000s.

The contents of these public records are very disturbing.

According to a petition for protective order filed under oath in Tennesee in 2002, we've learned that Roberts – an ultra Pro-Life lawmaker who once filed legislation to remove "incompatibility" as grounds for divorce in Oklahoma – was accused of stalking, torturing, and physically abusing his ex-wife.

She claims "The Patriot" punched her in the mouth for "downloading a song" on the Internet, "pushed, slapped, and kicked her" while she was pregnant, and made her sleep on a couch if she wouldn't have sex with him.

Once they separated, she also claimed he stalked her.

Check this out:

It doesn't appear charges were ever filed in the case, but according to a transcript of their divorce trial, Roberts told a Tennessee judge that he "couldn't remember" if he "physically assaulted" his wife:

Five months after his divorce was filed, Roberts fled Tennesee for Hominy, Oklahoma, where his visitation with his two sons was limited to holidays, spring break, and a couple of weeks each summer.

In 2012, after Roberts was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, his ex-wife filed – and was granted – an emergency order to modify their child custody arrangement over "living conditions, lack of structure, and problems involving discipline."

In the years preceding the order, she accused Roberts of aggressively employing corporal punishment and verbally abusing his two sons. In addition to that, when his sons did visit Oklahoma, they were forced to live in an attic with Roberts, his new wife, and a newborn baby.

Here are pics of that attic from the court filing:

Yep, Oklahoma voters in District 36 elected an (allegedly) abusive schmuck who lived in an attic to represent them in the House of Representatives. As a blogger who apparently lives in his mom's basement, even I think that's disturbing.

I guess Roberts had an inkling that these allegations were about to come out. Last week, he tweeted this.

Yep, public court documents are being circulated that claim Roberts beat, abused, and stalked his ex-wife – and lived in an attic – and he finds a way to drag Hillary Clinton into it. Considering he's running for statewide office, you'd think he'd be more current and reference Hunter Biden.

Some buckaroo KFOR reporter pushed back against The Patriot's claims, prompting the following reply:

I have no clue if KFOR hired a Private Investigator, but I do know this – We're the opposite of legacy media. We also can't afford to hire a proofreader, much less pay a PI to travel to Tennessee to hunt for clues! I guess that gives our report added legitimacy!

It will be interesting to see if Sean Roberts addresses these claims while he's out campaigning for State Labor Commissioner. Sadly, knowing Oklahoma voters as we do, the whole thing will probably help his campaign.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue to monitor and observe this story. It will be interesting to see if the Oklahoma "legacy media" covers it.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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